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Fish pasta and much more in the Ancona area

During your stay in the Hotel Solea situated in Trecastelli or at the B&B Luna Bianca  located in Senigallia in Ancona district, in Marche, you will have the possibility to taste Fish pasta and much more in the Ancona area, and the best traditional recipes of the region.


The Vincisgrassi represent a famous, rich and complete main course in Marche. They remind the lasagne because of their shape, but you don’t have to confuse these two dishes! It seems that this dishe has noble origins and has been prepared for some rich aristocrats. Today the pasta layers are alternated with meat sauce and béchamel sauce, and maybe for this reason they are confused with lasagne. By the way, the traditional recipe includes also the animals entrails including the marrow and brains. Another traditional version of the vincigrassi has béchamel, ham and truffles.


Vincisgrassi photo giallozafferano

Brodetto di pesce

The Brodetto di pesce is a traditional dish in Marche and includes a wide range of fish and seafood all cooked together. It may include redfish, mullet, mussels and clams, cuttlefish and so on. It was traditionally prepared with the caught fish and for this reason the ingredients were always different, and in the poorest versions there were the leftovers of the fish like the heads. The fish is gradually put into the pan, depending on the available variety, respecting the cooking times and finishing with the most delicate fish or seafood. Contrary to what the name may suggest, the “soup” should be quite restricted to be tasty. In addition to the fish, this dish has to be flavoured with chili, onion, pepper and tomato pieces.

Tagliatelle al sugo d’anatra

The prepare great Tagliatelle with duck sauce you need to cut the duck breast into pieces and fry it with olive oil and onion, celery and finely chopped carrots. You can add bacon or ham to make the dish more rich. Everything has to be blended with red wine and then mixed with the tomato sauce. The sauce has to be cooked slowly adding beef soup. Then the sauce is poured on the just drained tagliatelle, better if freshly prepared!




The Crescia in Marche is a base, similar to the piadina, which is very easy to prepare. It is perfect when filled with different salami or cheeses, and was traditionally prepared with wild herbs harvested in the fields, and the version with chicory is still very popular. The crescia is prepared with flour, yeast, milk, oil and a pinch of salt. Everything is mixed and put in the oven after making a few holes on the surface with a fork. At the end of the cooking the surface is flavoured with olive oil and rosemary. It is perfect even without any other ingredient, great to eat simple and still hot and fragrant, instead of bread!

Oca arrosto

The roasted duck is a tasty and delicious dish. The duck is cooked entire, it must be cleaned and prepared with a mix of butter, salt and pepper, rosemary, sage and thyme, that have to be put inside it. Then it has to be put in the oven on a baking pan with olive oil, salt and some pepper, that has to be wet with white wine during the cooking. Be patient and after a few hours you can taste a delicious roasted duck!

In Marche you can taste these and many other special recipes!

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Solea Albergo di Campagna sits on a hill top in the Ripe di Senigallia area, in the hinterland of northern Marche...
Solea Albergo di Campagna sits on a hill top in the Ripe di Senigallia area, in the hinterland of northern Marche...
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