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The flavors of the sea and the countryside join together in the Marche traditional recipes 

Booking your holiday at Filodivino, located in San Marcello in the province of Ancona, in the Marche,  you can taste the exquisite food of the Marche gastronomic tradition.


The Vincisgrassi are of course the main dish of the Marche region. They are similar to lasagna, but dressed with a chicken and duck sauce, parmesan and béchamel sauce. Despite the simple ingredients, the taste is definitely rich. The name of this recipe has a double interpretation. The most suggestive story tells that the word “Vincisgrassi” comes from the wrong pronunciation of Windisch Graetz, the Austrian general present in the area at the end of 1700. According to the legend his personal chef created the recipe to feed the soldiers with the ingredients of the territory.

The other version of the story, tells that twenty years before the arrival of General Graetz, already existed a very similar dish called “Princisgrass”, or fat of the princes, invented by the chef Antonio Nebbia in 1781.


Brodetto di pesce (Fish Soup)

This kind of fish soup comes from the traditions of the fishermen from the Marche region, who used to cook fish that could not be sold because of poor quality or quantity. For this reason, the ingredients  of this recipe may vary from province to province, but one of the characteristics that should be maintained to respect the tradition is the use of a low pot, and possibly of earthenware pot.  Today, the fish soup has been considered and revised by great chefs, but despite more elaborate and refined versions of this dish, the nature of the recipe does not change. The most used fish are: cod, monkfish, mullet, race, squid, scorpionfish, sea robin, spiny dogfish. However you want to prepare it, do not forget two nice slices of toasted bread.

Stocco all’anconetana (Ancona stockfish)

As the word itself says, this dish with ancient origins is based on stockfish, or cod, a typically Scandinavian fish. This kind of fish is known in Italy thanks to the noble Pietro Querini, who brought the stockfish in Italy after a trip to the the north in 1432. The dish is very simple but delicious: basically consist in place the stockfish layers together with sliced potatoes, and plenty of sauce. The sauce is made with onion, garlic, parsley, rosemary, capers and anchovies. To complete the preparation they add olives, tomatoes and white wine. Cooking, as tradition requires, will last at least two hours and a half.


Crescia sfogliata

The crescia sfogliata is a richer and more ancient version of the classic piadina.

The traditional ingredients are: wheat flour, eggs, milk, lard, salt and pepper.

Its peculiarity is that during the process the dough is arranged in a spiral before being spread and cooked, and this is what gives the typical texture to the crescia.

The recipe comes from the Renaissance, and already at the court of the Dukes of Urbino, in the 15th  century, was consumed and appreciated. In the 15th century, crescia sfogliata was used as a base for meat or vegetable pies, even served in European courts.

Nowadays you can find it filled with the ingredients you prefer, usually meats and cheeses.

Coniglio in porchetta (stuffed rabbit)

The coniglio in porchetta (stuffed rabbit) is a typical recipe of the Marche tradition. It is prepared with the boned rabbit stuffed  with its shredded and browned entrails (liver, heart, lungs), fresh pork belly and a sauce made with aromatic herbs such as rosemary, thyme and wild fennel. Then they roll the rabbit with the herbs, and then they roll bacon layers on it, finally it is left to season for a few hours before baking. Traditionally it is served sliced garnished by its own sauce.

Pollo in potacchio (pot chicken)

The Pollo in potacchio (or putacchio), is a sort of Pot chicken, a very tasty and appetizing typical Marche recipe. Its particularity is the double cooking, in fact the recipe requires a first stewed high heat cooking,  then a final cooking step in the oven.

The etymology of the word “potacchio” could refers to a juicy preparation or to a particular  large pot, traditionally used to prepare it. The pollo in potacchio is made in pieces, mainteining the skin, and seasoned with garlic, rosemary and a little tomato.

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