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About us

Let me introduce myself. My name is Carolina.

I spent over fifteen years in the international sales & marketing hotel industry, travelling a lot I had the chance to know mainly foreign countries. For a renowned boutique hotel brand I also spent some years holding the position of business development manager in the Italian market, that is how I gained a thorough knowledge of Italy, my country of origin, and of this wonderful world of charm.

At that time I realized that the latter is often associated to exclusivity and luxury, and that, as a consequence it is also unattainable. I also found that Italy is gifted with a great variety of artistic beauties, culture, nature, food and wine that is still unknown to most of us.

The idea of my world of charm originated from the above experience and progressed through Roberto’s creativity and know-how – my life partner and the support of enthusiastic professionals who definitely share my vision: a world where properties are not rated according to stars but to hospitality, warmth, respect, attention to detail and like-minded visions.

That is how Charminly came into being: Charm-in-Italy, an attainable world for those who are seeking for authenticity and passion away from the ugliness of city life. A world, in which warmth and old time hospitality is beating. You are invited to enter this world, just click and discover the Italian realm of culture, art, traditions, nature and flavors.