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Via Santa Lucia 6, , , Rooms: 8 / Apartments: 1 / Opening dates: always open from € 150 - to € 230

Solea Albergo di Campagna sits on a hill top in the Ripe di Senigallia area, in the hinterland of northern Marche, and is only 20 minutes away from the sea and the beach of Senigallia.  Most of the historic towns and cities of the region are within easy reach from this strategic location: Urbino and Fano, for instance, are an hour and half-an-hour drive away respectively, and the enchanting Corinaldo town is only 10 minutes by car.

Solea Albergo di Campagna is an elegant country house whose exterior and interior design harmonises with the landscape of hills and fields that are all around; its tranquillity makes it the ideal place for lovers of relaxation of body and mind.  The proprietors Enzo and Barbara had been searching for a farmhouse to restore for quite a while when they encountered this old traditional house in Ripe di Senigallia, built in the typical style of  Marche; after careful renovation work, where every detail counted and green building techniques were employed, the hotel was ready to open in 2006.  The 19th century farmhouse of square plan was built using handmade bricks fired in the local kiln, and with the ancient pigsty, the well and the oven, it has been restored to life, and displays the charm of earlier times.  In the Solea Albergo di Campagna everything is designed for comfort: the furniture, the garden, the kitchen, the swimming pool.

Solea Albergo di Campagna is commodious and full of light, its interior design modern and minimalist, with natural fabrics like linen to upholster the armchairs in the communal areas, and furnishings and warm wall colours conveying a sense of quiet and harmony which are enhanced by the lavender fragrance wafting in the air and the music playing softly in the background.  There are 8 spacious double rooms and a studio flat, an outdoor pool with solarium, and a natural amphitheatre for concerts and performances; the hotel also hosts art exhibitions.  In the farmhouse the guests can relax in the winter garden, or sit and read in the lovely library; a small gym and massage treatments are also available.  In the restaurant they will be treated to the excellent food prepared by Enzo using the freshest local ingredients to make traditional specialities of  Marche that are served with regional wines.