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The fresh pasta and delicious meats of the tradition in Marche

During your stay in Borgo della Spiga, situated in Cingoli, or even in Le Maraclà, located in Jesi, in Marche, you can taste the fresh pasta and delicious meats of the tradition in Marche.

Calcioni, pasta ripiena con ricotta

The calcioni are a typical dessert of central Italy, loved in Marche, especially in the carnival period. To prepare them, you have to prepare a shortcrust pastry and a filling of ricotta with sugar and flavored with cinnamon. The calcioni have a beautiful shape of a half moon, they are fried in boiling oil and then sprinkled with icing sugar. These delicious bites include other varieties, for example with the addition of chocolate to the pastry dough or in the filling with ricotta. With a very similar recipe, you can prepare sweet ravioli, with a smaller shape similar to past.

Calcioni photo whymarche

Pasta fresca con sugo di papera

The fresh pasta with duck sauce is a first course that has its origins in Macerata. In Marche, it is a very popular Sunday dish, but was originally prepared on the 31st of August to celebrate St. Giuliano, patron saint of Macerata. They mostly prepared the tagliatelle, but today we can also enjoy duck sauce with gnocchi or other cuts of pasta, the important thing is that it is a good fresh egg pasta that, as tradition wants, has at least 1 egg for 100g of flour! The duck is cut into pieces and sprinkled with a chopped vegetable, then is mixed with the tomato and left cooking for about an hour, finally the pasta is seasoned and served hot!

Oca arrosto

The roasted goose is a festival dish, in the past it was prepared in summer during the harvesting period to celebrate the harvest. To prepare a good roasted goose, the meat should first be flavored with aromas, such as sage and rosemary, salt, garlic and sometimes bacon. In the past, instead of the bacon, they used the lard, with which the meat was completely covered. The goose is baked in the oven and mixed with white wine, a simple recipe that exalts the taste of this delicious meat.

Coniglio in porchetta

The rabbit in Porchetta alla Marchigiana, is a second dish of meat that is prepared with the stuffed rabbit. The meat is boned and sprinkled with crushed garlic, rosemary and wild fennel.Then they add thin bacon slices and the livers cut into cubes. The rabbit is then rolled, tied with the string and baked in the oven. The meat absorbs the aromas, remains wet inside and crunchy outside, an exquisite dish!

Vincisgrassi photo lacucinaitaliana


Vincisgrassi are a traditional pasta dish of Marche and Umbria. They are prepared with egg pasta alternating with layers of sauce, similar to lasagne. The sauce of vincisgrassi is very particular and prepared with pork, beef and chicken all made in pieces. This recipe was created in the late eighteenth century and it seems that the name of this dish comes from the erroneous pronunciation of Windisch Graetz, an Austrian general who was in Ancona.

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Borgo della Spiga is located in the province of the attractive town of Macerata, in the vicinity of Cingoli, a pict...
Borgo della Spiga is located in the province of the attractive town of Macerata, in the vicinity of Cingoli, a pict...
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