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Theatre, Music Festivals and Eurochocolate in Umbria

During your stay in the La Ghirlanda, and Le Cerque, in Gualdo Cattaneo, in Perugia district in Umbria, you can take part to Theatre, Music Festivals and Eurochocolate in Umbria.


In June in Bevagna you can visit the picturesque MERCATO DELLE GAITE. This is a traditional market  with medieval origins. Each Gaita represents a district of the town, that in the middle ages were four, and with this festival the town wants to rebuild that period by bringing back to life the ancient crafts and artisan shops. Today, the four Gaite in Bevagna, challenge to try to create the best historical commemoration that includes several competitions including: the market competition, the crafts competition, the cooking competition, the archery competition. These challenges transform the village into a real medieval village that includes musicians, jugglers, vintage dresses and knights, everything to create a magical atmosphere!


Festival Dei Due Mondi photo tifogrifo


In June and July in Spoleto, there’s the FESTIVAL OF THE TWO WORLDS, also called Spoleto Festival. This international event includes music, theater, art, and culture events and involves various artistic disciplines and thousands of visitors. The event, created in 1958 involves several theaters, auditoriums, churches and conference halls, with operas and drama performances, ballet and modern dances, concerts, art exhibitions, readings. During the same days there’s also the Spoletoscience, which hosts researchers and scientists from all over the world.


In July, for about ten days, in Perugia you can go to the concerts of UMBRIA JAZZ. There are hundreds of music events organized in the town with the Jazz as protagonist, but it isn’t the only music genre, in fact the Soul music and Pop have gained an important role in this festival in recent years.  The artists are busy in the concerts and come from all over the world, from different music genres, belong to different record labels or are independent, everything to create to an international and various music event.




very year in August in  Montefalco there’s the ESCAPE OF THE BOVE, a festival full of music, art and culture, but also gastronomy, the pride of this region. The festival in fact is opened with the “Renaissance Banquet” organized by the various historical neighborhoods that are busy in the reconstruction of the renaissance style. The festival continues in the following days with many dances and music events to entertain the visitors coming from all over Italy.


If you love chocolate, get ready for EUROCHOCOLATE, a festival for eyes and palate. In October, Perugia becomes the capital of chocolate, the food of the gods. This festival was born from the tradition in Perugia and Italy and has modernized up to our days, now it is an international event full of tastings, shows, performances and exhibitions, ancient and modern recipes. Hot Chocolate, white chocolate, gianduia, hazelnut, dark chocolate, chocolate with chili pepper, all the varieties that you can imagine can be found in Euro Chocolate. The chocolate sculptures have always great success, made by Italian and international artists who work chocolate cubes 1 meter large, for the joy of children and adults!

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