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The typical recipes of the Marche region: in search of ancient flavours

For those who want to visit Marche, especially Ascoli Piceno and its surroundings, the ideal is to stop at the beautiful structure called “B&B 700“.

It is a very welcoming hotel located in the Marche region, precisely in Ascoli Piceno, from which you can visit several villages located in the vicinity, as well as the beautiful landscapes of this region. In addition to this, just from this B&B you can reach places where you can taste the typical cuisine of the Marche.

By staying at “B&B 700” you will have the chance to taste the typical recipes of the Marche region: in search of ancient flavours.

Vino cotto, Anisetta e oliva tenera ascolana

By visiting the Marche region and staying at the “B & B 700” you will have the chance to taste unique courses with a rich flavor. This last aspect draws many tourists, curious to understand which are the typical recipes of the Marche. The hotel offers the chance to visit nearby restaurants to taste menus rich in this kind of dishes, which include, for example, cooked wine and Anisetta.

Olive ascolane, photo by lacucinaitaliana

The first is a typical product of both the Marche and Abruzzo regions. It is a sweet and strong wine, with a variable tone that can range from red to amber red with a tendency to brownish nuances. Its scent reminds of a light fruit fragrance and its taste is a mix between acid and sweet. It has an alcohol content ranging from 12% to 14% depending on the type of aging.

When we talk about Anisetta instead we mean a liqueur made mainly from aniseed. To obtain it, alcohol is distilled and then aniseed is added. Not to be forgotten is another typical dish from Ascoli, so closely linked to this city that its name also derives from it: the olive ascolane. These have become famous throughout Italy and are olives stuffed with minced meat, breaded and then fried.

Vincisgrassi, photo by lacucinaitaliana

Typical courses: fry-up and Vincisgrassi

Fry-up is called this way because it is a course that offers different fried products, such as pancakes, aubergines, pumpkin flowers. Vincisgrassi, on the other hand, are short and wide egg lasagne pies, boiled in water and then baked in the oven. Another of their characteristics is that they are arranged in layers on a baking sheet, with a seasoning based on livers, sweetbreads and truffles.

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