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Music and Medieval celebrations in the Ancona area

During your stay in the Hotel Solea situated in Trecastelli or at the B&B Luna Bianca  located in Senigallia in Ancona district, in Marche, you can take part to the Music and Medieval celebrations in the Ancona area and other festivals organized every year in this wonderful region.


In May in Jesi you can see the PALIO DI SAN FLORIANO. This medieval festival dates back to the XIIIth century but has been brought back to life in 1994. It takes place every weekend after the 4th of May (The day in which the Patron Saint is celebrated), when a beautiful historical procession, dressed with typical clothes, shows up with the participation of many municipalities that are guests at the festival. Then there’s the archery tournament, and the winner municipality will take the Palio di San Floriano and store it in its own town until the next year. An important moment in this religious festival is the gift of the candle from the mayor to the bishop, and the “scampanata”, a race through the streets of the town to remember the legendary race of San Florian against the devil to reach the bells of the town.




In July in Corinaldo you can take part to the celebrations for the CONTESA DEL POZZO DELLA POLENTA. This unique and fun event is full of medieval games such as the Palio of flag-wavers, the Palio of the tug-of-war, the Palio of the bell, the medieval procession. Don’t forget the fall of the sack of flour in the well. After the proclamation of the winner Rione , the celebration ends with the firing of the cannon. For the entire event the taverns are open to let people taste the typical local products. The origin of this festival is uncertain and there are many versions about it, one of the most popular legends tells the story of a farmer, who left a sack of flour  fall in the well by mistake giving birth to a huge polenta!


Between the end of July and the first week of August in Senigallia you can enjoy music thanks to the SUMMER JAMBOREE. This international music festival is about the music, but also the clothes, the hairstyles, the cars, the culture of the forties and fifties, especially American. The entire town, the restaurants, the squares and the seaside seem to go back in time, not because of nostalgia, but to relive the unique atmosphere of those years in which rock and roll was born. This event born in  2000, attracts thousands of people thanks to the overwhelming rhythm of the fabulous fifties!




In September in the streets of Senigallia you will smell the unmistakable aroma of freshly baked bread. BREAD NOSTRUM is much more than a festival dedicated to the bread. The expert bakers will show the ancient art of baking bread, the simple ingredients, the cooking, the forms, the softness and the fragrance of artisan bread. Of course, the protagonist is the Italian bread with thousands of regional variations in our country, but you will also have the opportunity to try recipes coming from other countries. And if eating bread is not enough for you, you can try to make it in first person with the bakery courses dedicated to children and adults!

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Solea Albergo di Campagna sits on a hill top in the Ripe di Senigallia area, in the hinterland of northern Marche...
Solea Albergo di Campagna sits on a hill top in the Ripe di Senigallia area, in the hinterland of northern Marche...
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