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The traditional delicacies of the Marche region among flavours and atavistic tastes

When you decide to stay at “Il Sambuco“, in MorrovalleMarche, prepare to taste the traditional delicacies of the Marche region among flavours and atavistic tastes.


The Ciauscolo is a special spreadable sausage, typical of the cuisine of the Marche region of rural origin, according to which all the products of the butchering of the pig were essential, as a source of protein and energy key to survival during the long winter period. The pork is finely minced, a treatment that gives it a soft texture. With its pinkish colour and delicate scent, Ciauscolo is also suitable for pasta.


Calcioni al formaggio – cake

Among the typical products of the Marche region there are the “calcioni al formaggio” which, since they contain sugar, can be served both at the beginning of the meal and at the end. The flour used for the dough is the 00 one, eggs, lard, lemon juice, while the filling is made with fresh pecorino cheese, sweet pecorino cheese, lemon with untreated rind, sugar and finally eggs. A dessert to be tasted, absolutely!


TAmong the most famous typical recipes of Marche cuisine there are the Vincisgrassi, originally made for the Austrian general Windish Graetz who had defended the city of Ancora against Napoleon’s troops in 1799. It is a multi-layer baked pasta made with grated parmesan cheese and a special ragout prepared with different types of meat. Each family attributes to this dish its own variant, according to the tastes of each one: some aromatize the fresh pasta with Marsala wine, others add the béchamel and others put in the sauce the less noble parts of the meat obtaining tastes and aromas that are very different from each other, but still very good.

Vincisgrassi, photo by mangiarebuono

Gnocchi with duck sauce

Gnocchi with duck sauce are one of the most delicious delicacies of Marche cuisine. All the products of this recipe must be fresh, for a more satisfactory result on the palate. The sauce is the backbone of the recipe as it is made with a duck weighing about a kilo and ready to be cooked, fresh tomatoes, celery, cloves, carrots, Evo oil, white wine, marjoram, salt, pepper, nutmeg and grated parmesan.

Olive all’ascolana

A trip around Marche is not complete without a taste of one of the typical products of the region: the olive all’ascolana! This is a very old recipe, dating back to the nineteenth century and appreciated throughout the world. The olives are preserved in pickling brine which is seasoned with local herbs, different types of meat, wild fennel seeds, herbs, vegetables and finally Parmigiano Reggiano.

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