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Typical specialities of Veronese cuisine: a gastronomic journey to discover the pleasure of great food

By staying at Tenuta La Pergola, near Bardolino, in Veneto with a splendid view over the lower Lake Garda, you will discover the typical specialities of Veronese cuisine: a gastronomic journey to discover the pleasure of great food.

Monteveronese Cheese

Monteveronese cheese is a typical cheese of the area, made from cow’s milk, characterized by a type of pasta half cooked. This cheese, produced in the northern part of the Verona area, is safe because it features the protected designation of origin, i.e. the renowned and sought-after PDO mark, which is a sign of quality. Made from cow’s milk, there are two types of cheese: one made from whole milk, and the other made from cow’s milk.


The Fogassa is a grilled focaccia, literally translated from the Venetian dialect and is a typical dessert of the popular Venetian tradition. It is made with ingredients that you can easily find at home and, for this reason, is called a “poor” food: sugar, flour, oil and finally wine or milk. Many people like to add other ingredients such as lemon rind, eggs, lard or grappa instead of wine.

Fogassa, photo by scattidigusto

Baldo Black Truffle

The truffle is not only a rich source of nutrients, but also a valuable food for its countless properties. Mount Baldo, along with the Lessini Mountains, is very rich in it: in this area there are, in particular, several variants of the black truffle as the valuable black truffle, the winter black truffle and the ordinary black truffle also called Bagnoli.

Pike & Polenta

While travelling in the areas of Lake Garda, and Verona, you can not help but taste some of the typical dishes of the region and especially the pike and the inevitable polenta. Pike is a particular type of fish, typically freshwater, very nourishing because it is rich in protein and low in fat. Polenta, on the other hand, is one of the typical northern Italian delicacies, made with cornmeal, water, extra-virgin olive oil and, finally, coarse salt. It is possible to make different variations of polenta, for example with cheese fondue and bacon that make it much richer and tastier.

Tortellini di Valeggio

Tortellini di Valeggio

The Tortellini di Valeggio are a particular type of pasta made with eggs, thoroughly stuffed, originally from Valeggio. It is an ancient recipe, as it dates back to the fourteenth century, made with flour and eggs. The ingredients are combined to obtain a dough soft enough to be shaped according to one’s needs.

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