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Pasta and poultry dishes in Padova Area

During your stay in the agritourism Ca’ Orologio situated in Baone, in Padova district, in Veneto, you can taste pasta and poultry dishes in Padova Area.

Papero alla Frutta

The gosling with fruit is a typical dish of Padova born in the 600. It is an excellent second course of meat, is not one of the most popular recipes and you can see it prepared by the wise Venetian restaurateurs. The gosling must be cleaned and not chopped. It is filled with pears cut into pieces, and whole cherries and grapes. The gosling is cooked in the oven with some wine. After cooking, the fruit is removed and used as a side dish prepared with butter, or is used to flavor a good polenta to accompany the gosling, and create a unique delicious dish!

Gallina Padovana

The hen of Padova is a particular and old breed. It is characterized by a particular tuft and the dark meat is similar to that of the pheasant and guinea fowl. In recent years people tried to enhance and protect its particularity. The hen of Padova is cooked in many ways, including traditional recipes of the area like the hen in Canevera. In this recipe the chicken is cleaned and filled with onion, carrots and celery into small cubes, aromas, cinnamon. The secret of Hen in canevera is the cooking method where they tie the chicken thighs to the chest and place a bamboo cane (the canevera). Then they close all in a cooking bag with the end of the cane outside. In this way the fumes come out from the cane while the bag will let the hen bake and the meat becomes soft while keeping the juice inside. The hen is sliced and served hot, drizzled with the sauce that remains in the bag.

Another tasty recipe with Hen is the Drunk Hen of Padova. The meat is cut into pieces and is floured. The pieces are fried with oil and garlic, then they add diced bacon and onions, carrot and celery, wine (that’s why it is called “drunk”), aromas and potatoes into pieces. After cooking, the juices will be shaked or sieved to create a thick sauce used to serve the hen pieces.

bigoli-alla-veneta (kung-food)_opt

Venetian Bigoli photo kung-food


The Bigoli, called bigoi in Veneto, is a typical first course of pasta. Pasta, similar to thick spaghetti, is prepared with flour, water, eggs and salt, and is processed with bigolaro, a tool that forms the bigoli. This product was born in the countryside and has spread in these territories during the rule of Venice. A tasty recipe is the variant of black bigoli, which is obtained by adding the squid ink to the dough, or with a whole-wheat flour. This pasta is excellent served with many kinds of sauce, but the classic Venetian bigoli are preparing with a sauce made of olive oil, onion, desalted anchovies and white wine. A richer variation involves the addition of the butter to obtain a more creamy sauce.

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