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Wild game in the delicious recepes of the Venice area

Faraona al moscato fior d’arancio

The guinea fowl with Moscato fior d’arancio is a delicious second course of meat. The recipe says to marinate the guinea fowl breasts with raisins, rosemary and Moscato Fior d’Arancio. This wine is a muscat of the Euganean Hills with a strong touch of citrus. It’s a muscat that matches the dessert and in this case is perfect to enhance the taste of dried grapes. After marinating, the guinea fowl breasts are browned in a pan with butter, then continue cooking by adding the marinade and some orange zest. The guinea fowl is a typical dish from Veneto and is also prepared with mushrooms and sausage, marinated in red wine. Another delicious recipe is the guinea fowl baked with peverada sauce, that is peppered sauce, a preparation that originated in the Middle Ages. The recipes with the guinea fowl create rich dishes for festive holidays, and are related to Christmas.


Duck with balsamic vinegar sauce photo acetaiamarchi

Anatra in intingolo d’aceto balsamico

The duck is another popular and appreciated dish in Veneto. The duck with balsamic vinegar sauce is made with the animal’s chest browned in butter with garlic, onion and rosemary. The sauce with the balsamic vinegar is prepared separately and is macerated with herbs for at least one hour. The duck breast is then served sliced and seasoned with sauce of balsamic vinegar. In Veneto the duck is also used to prepare a great sauce with the meat cut into pieces and fried in butter, celery, carrots and diced onions, flavored with cinnamon and cloves, all blended with excellent red wine and, finally, the tomato sauce.

Polverara in umido o ripiena

The Polverara is a typical breed of hen in Veneto. It’s a rustic chicken with red meat, which together with Padovana, is one of the most common hens of the territory. This hen is excellent to cook stew in casserole, boiled or stuffed. To prepare the broth they use the head and feet and combine them with vegetables, usually onions, carrots, celery and vinegar. To make the filling they prepare a compound with the innards of chopped chicken, eggs, garlic, parsley, breadcrumbs and bacon cut into cubes. Once stuffed, the Polverara hen cooks in the broth for more than two hours. This dish was typically made for holidays or Sundays, even if it belongs to the poorest tradition. Another common recipe in Veneto is the stuffed capon in broth or roasted, often prepared for Christmas lunches.

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