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Culinary journey to discover the flavours and tastes of the Veneto region

Visiting Padua, you will have the opportunity make a culinary journey to discover the flavours and tastes of the Veneto region.

Prosciutto di Montagnana

Prosciutto di Montagnana is an institution of the Veneto province, which mixes irresistible aromas with a sweet taste, as well as presenting the recognition of the D.O.P. Mark. For this reason it is very famous, and not only in the Veneto region. Characterized by a refined flavor, softness, and pinkish color, comes from a strictly Italian pig farm, as they are bred and slaughtered in northern Italy, ensuring the certainty of a product Made in Italy.

Risotto con i fegatini, photo by aromiesaporitaliani

Risotto con i fegatini

Another typical Venetian cuisine dish is risotto with livers, known as risotto with “rovinassi”. It is a typical recipe of the Paduan cuisine which is of medium difficulty, and for this reason it can be prepared by everyone with the right tricks. The special ingredients of this recipe are local chicken meat, beef, pork bacon and Grana Padano cheese. Everything is framed by vegetables such as carrots, celery, tomato, blending all with some Euganean Hills D.O.C. Tocai wine.

Tagliatelle con i bisi

Tagliatelle con i bisi are another traditional recipe of the Veneto cuisine, which you should definitely try if you are staying in the area. Tajadele coi bisi is a succulent speciality that combines the sweet taste of diced bacon with the freshness of peas. The fried meat is prepared with onion, parsley and extra virgin olive oil. To add flavour to the mixture salt, pepper and finally a sprinkling of Grana Padano cheese are added.

Tagliatelle con i bisi, photo by ruslanfood


Jujube is a fruit that presents a shape so particular as to be compared to the Chinese date. It has a shape similar to a cherry, or to a plum, since it is very small. The color varies from yellow to dark red, depending on the maturation. Rich in vitamin C, it grows on the Euganean Hills in the Veneto region, where it arrived in 1660, becoming one of the typical fruits of the area.

Figassa- Cake with figs

Among the most famous desserts of Padua’s cuisine there is the Figassa, an enticing cake made with figs soaked in grappa.

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