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The most unique festivals and the most important events in Lombardy

By staying at the Castello di Lovere, you will have the chance to stay in one of the many very large rooms and choose between standard and superior suites, to enjoy the best of your stay.

Located in the center of Lovere, an elegant town on the magnificent Lake Iseo, you can visit the nearby towns such as Sarnico, Paratico and other small villages, as well as the fact that you can take part in the most unique festivals and the most important events in Lombardy.

Specifically, especially in the small villages, are held in particular in summer events known throughout the world as the famous Palio delle contrade, the Festival of Casoncello, concerts and various festivals, immersing themselves in a cheerful and festive atmosphere.

The Palio and the “Onde Musicali”

The famous “Palio delle contrade” is a festival that is held in June and involves all those who live in the area of Tavernola Bergamasca, but also those of neighboring territories. In the same month there is also the event called ” Onde Musicali ” which is a real festival where the most experienced Italian musicians perform. It takes place in Lovere and the instrument that acts as the “protagonist” of the event is the harpsichord.

Iseo Jazz, photo by musicajazz

Typical festivals: Casoncello Festival, Iseo Jazz, Festivals

Many visitors are also drawn to the event of the Sagra del Casoncello, the famous fish that is caught from Lake Iseo and that is plentiful in typical Bergamo recipes. It takes place in Castro and during the period of June and everyone has the opportunity to taste this typical Nordic dish, during the event. Very famous is also the so-called “Iseo Jazz”, another event for music lovers and in particular for lovers of this genre. It takes place in different places and during the month of July. Another very famous festival that takes place near Lovere and precisely in Sarnico is called “Busker Festival” and is about street art. Without a doubt it is an event with a very special theme, which will amaze all fans of this unique art.

Busker festival, photo by bergamopost

For lovers of the autumn period instead there will be the event called “Sapori di ottobre” in Lovere. Here you can taste many typical recipes of this area and also the typical products made right in the village. Also, the event gathers people from every city and part of Italy.

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