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Lombardy: what are the main festivals and events in this region

For all those who want to spend a weekend or even a holiday of several days of relaxation, beautiful landscapes, crystal clear waters and festivals and fun events, there is nothing better than to reach the facility called “Villa Evelina“.

It is a very welcoming hotel located in Lombardy, in Stazzona, precisely in the province of Como, right next to the famous Lake of the same name. From this structure it is possible to visit different villages located in the surroundings, but in reality it is also possible to discover Lombardy: what are the main festivals and events in this region.

Sogno di una notte di mezza estate, photo by ilpuntostampa

Lombardy: what are the main festivals and events in this region

A stay at “Villa Evelina” will give you the chance to visit the beautiful villages located a few kilometers away, such as Peglio, Livo, Dongo, Gravedona, Sorico, Colico, Lenno, Tremezzo, Menaggio. All of them hold different festivals, fairs and events every year.

The events held in the villages of Lombardy, are easily accessible from the fantastic structure of Villa Evelina and are indeed numerous. These are mainly festivals, fairs or special events, such as the one called “Sogno di una notte di mezza estate”, which is often held in June and in the municipality of Tremezzo. In a nutshell, it involves observing the sky together with the presence of experts and astrophysicists. In addition to pointing the nose upwards, you will also have the chance to taste typical products and take guided tours in the green areas. Also important are the performances staged during the “Villa Vigoni Concert”, an event held every year in July at Lenno. Here is represented the famous work “La Traviata”.

Villa Vigoni concert, photo by villavigoni

Typical festivals

Festivals and the frog festival

Famous in Lombardy are also the festivals. One that attracts many tourists every year is that of June 22, which is always held at the Comacina Island. It is a festival in the name of folklore, traditions, typical Lombard cuisine and also the history of this region. Typical of this event are the fireworks, also considered the symbol of Comacina Island. The frog festival is another very famous event in Lombardy that is celebrated in July in Menaggio, precisely on the 6th.

Every year during the month of August, the city of Dongo celebrates “Dongo in piazza”: an event dedicated to music and entertainment, which lasts several days.

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