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Popular traditions and festivals of Lombardy

Sagra del Taleggio a Peghera

The village of Taleggio, in Peghera, every year organizes one of the most famous festivals to celebrate this well-known dairy product as well as to let people discover their small mountain reality. The historical cheese seasoning center of Val Taleggio, next to the undisputed protagonist of the celebrations, offers also other typical products such as: Strachitunt, stracchino, honey and jams.

Sagra del casoncello a Strozza

In Strozza, in August, there is the casoncello festival. This unique and delicious dish is ready to conquer your palate accompanied by good wine, music and games like the timeless bingo.

Festa delle Foiade

When visiting Somendenna, you can’t miss the Foiade Festival. Every year the event brings together hundreds of people from all over Bergamo ready to taste the typical pasta foiada cut into squares which is served with sage and melted butter or in the tasty variant with speck and mushrooms. With the foiade you can also enjoy succulent grilled meat, donkey stew and braised of wild boar.

Festa della Madonna di S. Omobono

A very felt event for the community of Sant’Omobono is the festival for the Blessed Virgin of Sorrows of the Cornabusa in Cepino. Many faithful arrive every year from 6 to 10 September to celebrate this anniversary: in these 4 days solemn prayers and celebrations are organized, with pilgrimages to the grotto of the Addolorata, with the suggestive torchlight procession held on Saturdays organized by the Alpine. Everything culminates on Sunday with the solemn pilgrimage to the Cornabusa where, after the religious service, you can attend a fantastic fireworks show.

Festa del Moscato a Scanzo, photo by

Festa del Moscato a Scanzo

The municipality of Scanzo, every year in the first days of September, organizes a festival dedicated to its typical product: Moscato wine. A real gem of Bergamo’s enological production, Moscato di Scanzo is one of the oldest vine varieties present on the territory and stands out for its fruity and floral aromas as well as its delicacy and complexity.

Festa del tartufo nero a Bracca

Visiting Bracca between the end of September and the beginning of October, you can take part in the black truffle festival. It is a week of celebrations characterized by the celebration of the black truffle, which is popular in the territory, through the tasting of typical specialties at the various restaurants participating in the event. The festival ends on Sunday with an event that includes a visit to the truffle ground, followed by cultural meetings and practical demonstrations of truffle hunting with trained dogs.

Palio degli asini a Songavazzo

In Songavazzo, there’s the donkey race which is held during the celebrations for the Madonna del Carmine and which sees the streets of the town compete in an exciting race, jockeys of the various town districts galloping on donkeys.

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