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Lombardy: visiting this region among beautiful landscapes and delicious courses

For anyone who wants to plan a weekend or at least a relaxing holiday, the sun, the family climate and excellent cuisine, there is nothing better than to visit the magnificent “Castello di Lovere“.

It is a very welcoming hotel located in Lovere, in the province of Bergamo, near the famous Lake Iseo. From this facility you can visit several villages in Lombardy located in the surroundings, however, you can also taste some famous delicacies typical of the cuisine of this region.

By staying at the structure “Castello di Lovere” you will have the chance to enjoy Lombardy: visiting this region among beautiful landscapes and delicious courses.

Loer cake, photo by vender

Cheese, fish, the Loer

The cuisine of Lombardy is very rich and is known throughout the Italian peninsula for its culinary delicacies. Leaving from the Castello di Lovere you can visit the nearby villages such as Sarnico and Paratico and there taste the typical products of the place. First of all Lombardy is famous for its excellent cheeses, including Taleggio, Formagella and Robiola. In addition to these, however, in the typical Lombard recipes there are also plenty of fishes, such as perch and even whitefish. Very famous is also the cake called “Loer”, whose main ingredients are corn and hazelnuts. It is a fairly low cake but very tasty, and characterized by a thick layer of icing sugar.

Baci di Lovere, photo by vender

Sarde with polenta, baked tench, Casoncelli

The typical recipes of Lombardy, and in particular of Lovere and its surroundings, are quite numerous. Among these there are the “Baci di Lovere”, which are very soft shortbread with butter. The Pulinti are also very famous: they are also biscuits. Among the first and second courses, however, there are the baked Tinca, sardines with polenta, Casoncelli. The first course is a fish and cooking it as the Brescians do is not easy at all. In fact, it takes a lot of attention in the creation of this recipe. Casoncelli, on the other hand, are a type of pasta stuffed with cheese, herbs and other ingredients, which can vary according to one’ s taste. The shape of Casoncelli is very particular: it is a half moon. Very famous are also the tagliatelle all’Oscarino, which is a typical fish of Lake Iseo.

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