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Typical courses and unmistakable flavours of the Aosta Valley

When you decide to take a moment for yourself and recharge your batteries, there is nothing better than to treat yourself to a holiday or a weekend of relaxation, sunshine, mild and welcoming climate and excellent cuisine that the Aosta Valley is able to offer.

In order to visit the various towns of Aosta Valley in the best possible way, there is nothing better than to go to the magnificent structure “Il Melo e La Gatta“.

It is a very welcoming hotel located in the village of Saint Marcel, precisely in the province of Aosta. From this structure it is possible to visit different Lombard villages located in the surroundings having also the possibility to taste some famous delicacies typical of the cuisine of this region.

By staying at the facility “Il Melo e La Gatta” you will have the chance to taste typical courses and unmistakable flavours of the Aosta Valley.

PDO Arnad lard, photo by chericette

Saint Marcel ham, PDO Arnad lard, apple juice

The cuisine of Valle d’Aosta is very rich and is known throughout the Italian peninsula for its delicacies. There are many typical products of this region and one of them is the famous ham of Saint Marcel. Its taste, its flavour and its scent are very particular and by eating it you can perceive its naturalness, since it is made with absolutely natural products and without added chemicals. PDO Arnad Lard is another typical product of the Aosta Valley and is an ingredient widely used in various recipes typical of this region. Apple juice is also another characteristic product of the Aosta Valley.

Apple fritters, photo by tavolartegusto

Apple fritters with Saint Marcel ham, Black bread, Cotechino and potatoes, Grappa chestnuts.

One of the typical recipes of the Valle d’Aosta cuisine consists in the preparation of apple fritters with the addition of Saint Marcel ham. It is a very special recipe because it creates a mix of sweet and savoury flavours. Preparing it is not difficult, but it is a recipe that requires some attention, such as the cooking time of the pancakes. The Black Bread is called this way because of its darker color and is an excellent treat to eat with Cotechino with potatoes. The grappa chestnuts grappa is a typical autumn recipe, also because it features chestnuts as the main ingredient.

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