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Music, wine and jugglers among the folklore events of Lake Garda

Staying at the Hotel Gardenia al Lago, a comfortable structure located in Villa di Gargnano, on the Lombard side of Lake Garda, you can discover music, wine and jugglers among the folklore events of Lake Garda.

Gargnano – Giardini d’Agrumi

In April in Gargnano, there is the event Giardini d’Agrumi (Citrus Gardens), which aims to enhance and promote the beautiful lemon houses of Lake Garda and citrus fruits that are cultivated there for decorative and productive purposes.

It is not by chance that the cultivation of citrus fruits on the areas of the Garda Riviera is very ancient and dates back to the fifteenth century, when during the winter to protect the plants from frost, they began to build monumental masonry greenhouses that took the name of lemon houses.

The event includes not only educational workshops, guided tours and a market dedicated to citrus, but also the exhibition of tools that were used for gardesana citrus cultivation.

Giardini d’Agrumi, photo by notizie.comuni-italiani

Polpenazze – Wine fair

In May the annual Wine Fair is held in Polpenazze, founded in 1950 with the aim of enhancing the wine heritage of the area by transforming the historic center of Polpenazze into a real enchanted place.

You will have the opportunity to taste the delicious local wines accompanied by tasty dishes and typical dishes of the area.

Since wine is considered a real local heritage, so that the entire area has been given the DOC denomination, during the evening you can also attend the awards ceremony for the best wines on the market and a fireworks display.

Desenzano sul Garda – Circus Summer Festival

By visiting Desenzano sul Garda in June you will have the opportunity to participate in the Circus Summer Festival, a major international event dedicated to street art.

The city is transformed into a magical place where jugglers and entertainers will cheer up the evenings with their shows and immerse you in a colorful and fun world.

The shows generally take place in rotation on the streets of the historic center of the city with the opportunity for children to participate in a circus school, thus trying out balls, stunts and clubs for guaranteed fun.

Battle of Solferino, photo by notizie.comuni-italiani

Desenzano sul Garda – Battle of Solferino

Every year on 24th June in Desenzano del Garda there is an important historical re-enactment: the battle of San Martino and Solferino which took place on 24th June 1859.

This is the most important event commemorating the Risorgimento in all of Italy, which brings to life the moments that established the birth of our country: at the monumental complex of San Martino della Battaglia, will perform in the shoes of the Sardinian-Piedmontese, French and Austrian armies. It was thanks to this battle that Henry Dunant decided to found the first Red Cross by overturning the concept of first aid.

Gargnano – Dear Old Gargnano

A unique event that takes place in July is “Cara Vecchia Gargnano“: it is a popular food and wine walk animated by artistic and musical performances that is held on the streets of the city.

You can wander among the various food stands that provide for payment in “fuffi” particular currency established precisely on the occasion of this event.

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Hotel Gardenia al Lago is a welcoming hotel in Villa di Gargnano, on the Lombardy shore of Lake Garda....
Hotel Gardenia al Lago is a welcoming hotel in Villa di Gargnano, on the Lombardy shore of Lake Garda....
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