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The historical heritage of the province of Ancona, from the Greco-Roman period to Signorie, in the Marche

Booking your holiday at Filodivino, located in San Marcello in the province of Ancona, in the Marche,  you will discover the historical and cultural heritage of this beautiful region.


The Doric Acropolis of Ancona is the oldest part of the city. It rises on the Guasco hill, where once there was the temple of Venus. Today there is the Cathedral, dedicated to San Ciriaco.

The Cathedral of San Ciriaco dominates the whole city. The union of Romanesque and Byzantine style, stands out in the decorations and in the shape of the building, and makes the cathedral, one of the most characteristic monuments of Ancona.

Another interesting monument is the Arco di Traiano.  Built by the emperor Trajan in the 1st century, with its elegant style, the arch overlooks the pier of the Ancona harbour.

Also located near the pier and always the core of the trade, essential for the city of Ancona, the Loggia dei Mercanti was built in 1442 and was reserved for merchants meetings and negotiations.

Cathedral of San Ciriaco


One of the most important palaces in the Marche is Palazzo della Signoria, located in the highest part of the city of Jesi. The building looks like a parallelepiped, reflecting the Renaissance style.

In Jesi there is Palazzo Pianetti, home for the Pinacoteca Civica (Art Gallery) and is an important heritage of 18th century architecture. Among the most important artists you will find Lorenzo Lotto and Guttuso.

A theatrical space that measure up to the best stagings, was the reason why the Teatro del Leone was replaced. The new theater, originally called Teatro della Concordia, took its place and only in 1883 was named “Giovanni Battista Pergolesi”, in tribute to the famous composer born in Jesi.


The Rocca Roveresca of Senigallia, was named by Giovanni Della Rovere, lord of Senigallia until 1501. One of the most important monuments of the city, the Rocca today is managed by the Polo Museale delle Marche, and it is characterized by 4 massive towers linked by perfectly preserved walls.

Monsignor Giuseppe Maria Ercolani designed and gave the name to the beautiful Portici Ercolani. The aim of the Portici was to host the Maddalena fair, which was held every year.

Rocca Roveresca of Senigallia


In Mondolfo you can visit the Church of Santa Maria del Soccorso, also known as the monumental complex of St. Augustine. The church is located not far from the Castle of Mondolfo,  and was already present in the 13th century to host the Augustinians Friars. During the years the church was expanded to include the convent and cloister, and a lot of land all around dedicated to the gardens. In the 17th century cloister you can admire the frescoes dedicated to the life of St. Augustine.


Located near to the historic center of Mondavio, the Church of Santa Maria della Quercia was built in 1521. It is a very small construction formed by the front part with a 3 round arches portico. Inside there are 3 altars and several frescoes dating back to 1535 representing the Madonna and Child, the Crucifix, and the Saints Peter and Paul.

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Filodivino is just a few kilometers from San Marcello and Morro d'Alba, two historic villages in the province of An...
Filodivino is just a few kilometers from San Marcello and Morro d'Alba, two historic villages in the province of An...
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