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Among paintings of the Renaissance and fortresses in Urbino area

During your stay in Casale del Duca or at Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo, situated in Urbino, in Pesaro Urbino, in Marche, you can travel among paintings of the Renaissance and fortresses in Urbino area.


Urbino is a town rich in history that offers many points of interest. Among the many we find the Palazzo Ducale of Urbino, it is considered one of the highest expressions of Renaissance from an architectural point of view. In its rooms it hosts musical and artistic events. It is also home to the National Gallery of Marche which includes collections of works from churches and convents in the region. One of the most popular areas is that of the urbinate Renaissance, which includes the works of Piero della Francesca and some Raffaello’s works. In the ground floor rooms there’s the Urbino Archaeological Museum.

Palazzo Ducale Urbino

Palazzo Ducale Urbino

The Cathedral of Urbino, dedicated to Santa Maria Assunta, was rebuilt in 1789 as the previous church was destroyed by the earthquake. Since 1950 is a basilica. Presents a neoclassical style, inside it consists of three naves with barrel vault. Among the many works we find the Last Supper, dating back to the seventeenth century, and the Nativity of the Virgin dating back to the eighteenth century.

The Santi house is the birthplace of Raffaello. Giovanni Santi, Raffaello’s father,was also a great artist, and lived there since 1460. Today the building is a house museum and has been furnished with period furniture. Here we can see several paintings of saints and reproductions of some works of Raffaello. In the bedroom we find the painting Madonna and Child, which is recognized as the first of the long series of Madonnas painted by Raffaello.

The Oratory of San Giovanni, home to the fraternities of San Giovanni and Sant’Antonio Abate. The building houses a magnificent cycle of frescoes of the fifteenth century depicting scenes of the Crucifixion of Christ, and the History of the Life of St. John the Baptist.


In Urbania there are many churches, among the most important churches there are the cathedral dedicated to St. Christopher and St. Catherine’s Church. In addition there’s the beautiful Palazzo Ducale with the room of the Knights and the Renaissance courtyard. In its rooms there’s the Civic Museum.

Palazzo Ducale Urbania

Palazzo Ducale Urbania


In Cagli, as well as numerous churches and abbeys in both the town and in the surrounding countryside, we can visit the beautiful fortress with the Tower dating back to the fifteenth century. In the town we can also visit the Palazzo Berardi Mochi-Zamperoli, the Felici Palace and the Government Building which houses the archeological and Flaminia museum.


In Mondavio we can visit the Rocca Roveresca, a Renaissance fortress with the tower and the perimeter walls in a perfect state of preservation. Inside the fortress there is the Park of the War Machines.


In Carpegna there’s the Palazzo dei Principi. It was built in the late seventeenth century, its structure is reminiscent of the fortified villas of Florence. It’s a private residence occupied by the heirs of the Princes, but we can admire the façade that is imposed between the houses of the old town center. Near the town we can visit the parish church of San Giovanni Battista, in Romanesque style.

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Il Casale del Duca is set deep in the hilly countryside of the Marche region, just ten minutes away from the ancien...
Il Casale del Duca is set deep in the hilly countryside of the Marche region, just ten minutes away from the ancien...
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