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A journey through the art and history of the Marche region

Should you decide to stay at the “Il Sambuco” facility, in MorrovalleMarche,you will be very close to many delightful villages that are absolutely worth a visit. During this trip you will be able to make a journey through the art and history of the Marche region.


Among the most visited towns in the Marche region there is, without any doubt, Recanati that is the birthplace of Giacomo Leopardi. Here list his house, now converted into a museum: Palazzo Leopardi. It is a building dating back to the eighteenth century, which does not attract much for its majesty as it consists of simple and essential lines. It overlooks a very famous square, where there is a bench where it is said that the poet wrote the famous poem entitled “Il Sabato Del Villaggio“. It houses a collection of artifacts and manuscripts that belonged to the writer, so as to better understand his thoughts and how his life unfolded. On the first floor there is a huge library, containing at least 20,000 books arranged by the father of the great poet. Another oddity to consider is the fact that in front of the building there is another one, whose upper floors housed the servants of the Leopardi family. Among them was also Teresa Fattorini, who the poet praised in his poems under the name of Silvia. In Recanati it is also possible to visit the Pinacoteca, best known as Museo Villa Colloredo Mels, which has been open to the public as a museum since 1998. It houses several sections: the archaeological section, the historical section, the civic section and finally the Renaissance section. Do not miss a visit to the Cattedrale di San Flaviano, dating from the early twelfth century. Its particularity lies in the fact that the entrance is on its side, as the facade has been incorporated into the new Episcope. Inside there are several famous paintings, stone pieces and a Roman statue.

Palazzo Leopardi, Recanati


In the town of Macerata, the Palazzo Ricci, one of the most important, is worth a visit and houses a wide collection of frescoes dating back to the twentieth century. Do not miss Palazzo Bonaccorsi, an eighteenth-century building, finely decorated and adorned with paintings and tapestries on Baroque and Rococo style. On the inside it is possible to visit the collections of ancient and modern art, and the museum of the carriage.

Palazzo Bonaccorsi, Macerata


Loreto is a place of pilgrimage which is very popular among Catholics from all over the world thanks to the Basilica of della Santa Chiesa. Inside there are the remains of what, according to tradition, is the Holy House of Nazareth where Jesus was born. The Basilica is home to the black Madonna Lauretana, which draws millions of visitors every year.

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