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The ancient hamlets and gems that the Marche region has to offer

By staying at the structure “B&B 700” in Ascoli Piceno, you will have the chance to visit the ancient hamlets and gems that the Marche region has to offer.

Ascoli Piceno: Ancient Palaces and Churches

By staying at the “B & B 700” you will have the chance to have an easy visit to Ascoli Piceno, a city very rich in art, but also in history and culture.

Here you will find several historical buildings of great relevance, such as the one called “Palazzo dell’Arringo”, “Palazzo del Capitano”, “Palazzo Episcopale”.

Palazzo del Capitano, Ascoli Piceno

Some of these date back to the Middle Ages, while others were built during the nineteenth century and then restored only during the next century. Also famous is the central square of Ascoli, located in the historic center and called “Piazza del Popolo”. Here there are also many places, bars and eateries where visitors can stop for a meal. Among the places of worship, however, the most famous in the city are the Chiesa di San Francesco and also the Cathedral.

Acquasanta, Offida, Castignano, Appignano: places of worship and ancient palaces

Acquasanta, Offida, Castignano and Appignano are all small hamlets that can be visited starting from the B&B 700, since they are not far from this structure. In Acquasanta there is an abbey of considerable size that is visited by many tourists, and also a very old monastery. It dates back to the tenth century.

Ponte Romano, Acquasanta

Famous is also the Roman bridge that connects the city to Salaria and is rich in arches dating from the nineteenth century. Another attraction of Acquasanta is also the so-called “Castel di Luco”, which is a fortified building that stands on top of a rocky spur of travertine. From the hotel B&B 700 you can also reach the small hamlet of Offida, famous for its places of worship. Among these there is also the “Borgo dei Templari” in Castignano. Appignano is the ideal village to visit for lovers of medieval culture, since here there are many remains of the time.

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