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Churches, palaces and works of art between Macerata and Ancona

During your stay in Borgo della Spiga, situated in Cingoli, or even in Le Maraclà, located in Jesi, in Marche, you can visit Churches, palaces and works of art between Macerata and Ancona.


The village of Cingoli stands out for its excellent location on the top of Mount Circe. From this place you can see the entire part of the Marche on the Adriatic coast, up to Monte Conero. Because of this wonderful view, Cingoli is also called “The Balcony of the Marche”.

Among the historical palaces there’s Palazzo Castiglioni, a museum house that has a rich collection of objects belonged to Pope Pius VIII, as well as numerous rooms with period furnishings, paintings and precious objects.

The Collegiate Church of St. Esuperanzio is an abbey dating back to1139. With its Romanesque-Gothic style, the church was built in honour of the saint, who was the bishop of Cingoli, to whom several miracles were attributed. The relics of the saint are stored in the crypt, found in 1770.

Collegiate Church of St. Esuperanzio, Cingoli


When you arrive in Jesi, in the district of Ancona, you can find a town with a glorious past, as evidenced by the many buildings and works of art.

Piazza Federico II is one of the oldest spots in the town and stands on the previous Roman Forum. In 1194 Frederick II of Swabia was born right in the square, his mother Constance gave him birth in public to silence doubts about her pregnancy and avoid problems on the succession line.

Piazza Federico II, Jesi

On the square there’s the Cathedral of St. Settimo, also called Cathedral of Jesi. Built on previous religious buildings, it houses the relics of the patron saint of the town, it is rich in paintings and precious objects, such as the special stoups obtained from the base of two columns in the shape of a lion made of red-marble of Verona.

The Pergolesi Theatre is situated in a beautiful palace dating back to 1790, built to replace the old Leone Theatre. It is a larger theatre with better acoustics. At the time of its construction, it was called Concordia Theatre, but it was dedicated to master Pergolesi in 1883.


The house of Giacomo Leopardi, or Palazzo Leopardi, is located in Recanati, which is his hometown and where he lived until 1830. The palace is inhabited by the Leopardi family but on the ground floor you can visit the splendid library with more than 20,000 volumes.

Cathedral of Osimo


The Cathedral of Osimo, or Cathedral of St. Leopardo, dates back to the 7th century with subsequent extensions, especially in the 13th century, when the precious medieval sculptures were created. In the crypt there’s the tomb of Saint Leopard, who was also the first bishop of Osimo, San Vitaliano and San Benvenuto.

The Art Gallery of the Diocesan Museum, located at the Bishop’s Palace, includes several works such as several paintings, marble sculptures dating back to the Middle Ages, and many sacred objects such as the Reliquary of the Holy Cross of Bernini.

St. Mark’s Church, built in the 14th century, was originally part of a convent. Inside, we can see different details in Baroque style. Among the many works of art there’s the precious altarpiece by Guercino that depicts the Madonna of the rosary with St. Catherine from Siena and St. Domenico.

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Borgo della Spiga is located in the province of the attractive town of Macerata, in the vicinity of Cingoli, a pict...
Borgo della Spiga is located in the province of the attractive town of Macerata, in the vicinity of Cingoli, a pict...
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