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Churches, historic and artistic districts in the province of Imperia, in Liguria

Booking your holiday at the B&B La Casa del Caco located in Dolcedo, in the province of Imperia, in Liguria, you will discover the churches, historic and artistic districts in the province of Imperia, in Liguria.


The historic centre of Dolcedo, commonly known as Piazza, offers very impressive views.
One of these is the Bridge of Knights of Malta, also called Ponte Grande (the Great Bridge). The bridge is the symbol of the town and is the oldest of the bridges joining the two parts of Dolcedo, crossed by the River Prino. This is a stone bridge dates back to 1292 and was erected by the Knights of Malta.

Bridge of Knights of Malta, Dolcedo


In the little town of Montegrazie, a district of Imperia, we can visit the Sanctuary of Our Lady of Grace. Built on a hill in 1450, houses many frescoes of the period. Outside we find the beautiful porch with columns and the bell tower visible from a long distance.


The Parasio of Porto Maurizio is an ancient medieval district overlooking the sea. Parasio is mostly pedestrian and its small streets are called “caruggi”. The name Parasio comes from an ancient, today no longer existing tower, which served as a military defense in the Middle Ages. Porto Maurizio, together with Oneglia, forms the city of Imperia.

Basilica of Saint Maurice , Parasio

The Basilica of Saint Maurice is the largest church of Liguria. Its beautiful facade is made up of three colonnades and two twin bell towers 36 meters high at the sides. The church dates back to the end of the 18th century and was built in a neoclassical style. Inside it is rich with works of art, such as the Statue of Saint Maurice, the Statue of Our Lady of Mercy, the cycle of five paintings by Viazzi on the rear facade, moreover the marble pulpit decorated in Baroque style and many others.


In the village of Cervo, in the province of Imperia, we can visit the Church of San Giovanni Battista, also called Church of the “Corallini” . The church was built in the 18th century, when an important economic contribution to the construction was given thanks to the gains from coral fishing, thus the nice nickname of the church. The building is a magnificent example of Baroque style, as you can see by the rich putty decorations, statues and frescoes inside.


Bussana Vecchia is a small borough of Sanremo. The village has medieval origin, and it is rich in artisan and artistic workshops. In the 1950s artists from all over the world began to renovate the houses of the old town. The country was in fact abandoned at the end of the nineteenth century, when an earthquake forced residents to move and found Bussana Nuova. Thus this recent repopulation has made Bussana Vecchia a distinctive and inspirational place rich in creativity and art, in a highly suggestive historic and natural landscape.

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