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From music festivals to historical commemorations in Urbino area

During your stay in Casale del Duca or at Tenuta Santi Giacomo e Filippo, situated in Urbino, in Pesaro Urbino, in Marche, you can enjoy from music festivals to historical commemorations in Urbino area.


In May in Fossombrone you can see the Carnival Triumph. It is a carnival dedicated to the Renaissance with the participation of more than a thousand people in period costume, themed menus and shows. At the end of there’s the Palio of the Cardinal dedicated to Cardinal Giulio della Rovere who in 1559, during the carnival, organized a tournament offering prizes to riders and organizing banquets, dances and parties all night. The Palio consists of a race to the ring, where the riders will have to try to hit it with a spear.


In July in Urbino there’s the Ancient Music Festival, an event that includes performances of Renaissance, baroque and medieval music. The Festival is international and includes courses in addition to concerts and lectures for fans who want to get closer to this musical genre.

urbino-festival-musica-antica (tempi)_opt

Ancient Music Festival Urbino photo tempi


In August in Cagli there’s the Goose Palio. Four districts compete in the life-sized board game with a run of 54 boxes that provide bonuses or penalties, and which are accessed with the classic roll of the dice. The boxes represent arts and crafts, and the last box that determines the winner and represents St. Gerontius.


In August in Urbino there’s the Renaissance curtains, linked to the Duke of Urbino Festival. For the occasion there will be Renaissance music concerts, typical dances of the era, and historical processions.


In August in Pesaro there’s the Rossini Opera Festival, an event dedicated to the famous composer born in Pesaro. During the season you can attend various author’s works. The festival is also linked to the Rossini Foundation, which deals with the study and interpretation of the composer’s works and recovery of information and documents.

rossini opera festival (marchespettacolo)_opt

Rossini Opera Festival photo marchespettacolo


In August in Mondavio there’s Boar Hunt. It is an historical commemoration linked to the arrival of Giovanni della Rovere in Mondavio in 1474. For the occasion, they organize renaissance banquets between the many tavernas, with actors in costume, courtesans, knights, jesters, musicians and dancers. There are performances of archers and swordsmen of the historical groups. This event is now at the sixtieth edition and offers each year a rich representation of the customs and lifestyle of the era.


In September in Frontino there’s the bean festival. For more than 40 years this festival has wanted to promote a poor product of the territory but that was protagonist of the livelihood and the gastronomic traditions of this land: the borlotti bean. During the festival, which takes place at the Monumental Complex of Montefiorentino, there are beans in various recipes, along with other local products such as potatoes and sausages.

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Il Casale del Duca is set deep in the hilly countryside of the Marche region, just ten minutes away from the ancien...
Il Casale del Duca is set deep in the hilly countryside of the Marche region, just ten minutes away from the ancien...
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