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Fairs and festivals that cheer up the atmosphere in the Marche region

When staying at the “Il Sambuco“, in MorrovalleMarche, comfort and kindness will not be the only protagonists of your holiday, which will be enriched with fairs and festivals that cheer up the atmosphere in the Marche region.

Sagra Vincisgrassi June – Osimo

In June, the town of Osimo comes alive to praise one of the most famous delicacies of Marche cuisine, the “Vincisgrassi“, with the “Sagra Vincisgrassi“. It’s a three-day event dedicated to calories, but it will be worth it! Not just Vincisgrassi but also fine local wines, shows and entertainment of various kinds. Music with which you can have fun as at a disco, but also ballroom dancing and Latin American for lovers of the genre. In short, entertainment, and flavors, for every taste!

Festa del cappello di Paglia July – Montappone

The town of Montappone, in July, hosts one of the festivals that celebrate local craftsmanship: la festa del cappello di paglia. The town is a very characteristic medieval centre, which is also a worldwide symbol of the craftsmanship of straw hats. In July the town relives the atmosphere of the past, when the main source of income for families was this art, which has been preserved from generation to generation until the present day. Dance, music, crafts, country games, typical products, types of cuisine of the past and stornelli will complement this event.

Macerata Opera Festival, photo by picchionews

Macerata Opera Festival July – August – Macerata

The city of Macerata hosts one of the most awaited events of the year in the area: the Opera Festival. Every year there are many artists, famous worldwide, who perform during these evenings: Francesco Lanzillotta, Francesco Ivan Ciampa, and Giampaolo Bisanti conducting. Each year there is a different theme: this year the title was “Red Desire” declined in the subjects of jealousy, possessiveness and power. In fact, Carmen, Rigoletto and Macbeth have been staged.

Disfida del bracciale Agosto, photo by cronachemaceratesi

Disfida del bracciale Agosto – Treia

During a trip out of town in Marche, you can not miss one of the most famous historical re-enactments of the town of Treia: La Disfida del Bracciale. It is an ancient game, also known as “ball with bracelet”, a team sport that is considered one of the most famous Italian athletics games since 1921. The period recalled is that of the nineteenth century characterized by sociopolitical changes, which occurred in conjunction with the golden season of the bracelet of Carlo Didimi. The atmosphere of the time is reproduced in every detail: from the dining table, with its typical products of the time, to the furniture and decorations up to the costumes typical of the time, noble and not.

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