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Old medieval celebrations in Gubbio and surroundings

During your stay in Locanda del Gallo situated in Santa Cristina, in Gubbio, in Umbria, and in Villa Nuti situated in Coldimolino, you will have the possibility to take part to the Old medieval celebrations in Gubbio and surroundings.


On the 15th of May, in Gubbio, there’s the FESTA DEI CERI. This historical event is both ancient and impressive. Three big candles each one weighing 300kg, are carried on the candle makers shoulders along the way. The candles have a wooden base and the statues of St Ubaldo, St Giorgio and St Antonio. Traditionally, every family is linked to a candle, the bricklayers and stonemasons belonged to St Ubaldo, the traders to St Giorgio, the peasants and students to St Antonio. The entire day is marked by traditional rituals, including the lift of the candles while leaving the Basilica of St Ubaldo in horizontal position and then lifted to start the tour of the town, to arrive to the final race that always ends with the entry into the Basilica, first with St Ubaldo’s candle (patron saint of the town), then  St Giorgio and finally St Antonio. It’s impossible not to take part to this secular festival!


Umbria Jazz Festival photo artinmovimento


In June in Bevagna there’s the MERCATO DELLE GAITE. The Gaite were the four neighbourhoods of the town in Middle Ages. The festival brings back to life the habits of that period with old crafts shops, traditional clothing, typical games of that period. The four Gaite are in competition with each other to organize the best historical reconstruction and win the four competitions: the market, crafts, gastronomy, archery.


In July in Perugia there’s the UMBRIA JAZZ. During 10 days the administrative centre of Umbria becomes the protagonist of the festival with hundreds of musical events in different areas of the town, dedicated to Jazz, but also to soul and pop music. Musicians from all over Italy and the World perform in each stage. Umbria Jazz is a huge international festival where different music genres mix and many artists, famous or not, give birth to a unique musical event followed by thousands of people every year.


MOSTRA DEL TARTUFO photo umbriajournal


The MOSTRA DEL TARTUFO is dedicated to the food lovers, it takes place between October and November in Gubbio. The protagonist of the event is the local white truffle, an high quality product used in different recipes that you can taste. In addition to the truffles, there are many other typical dishes presented by the producers like cheese, meat and salami, oil, wine and liquors, honey and desserts, all traditional products of this wonderful region.


From the 31st of October to the 3rd of November the FESTA DEL BOSCO animates Montone town with the exposition and tasting of all the products coming from the forest and undergrowth like mushrooms, truffles, chestnuts. And if eating is not enough, you can have fun taking part to the guided excursions and enjoy a long walk in the forest looking for truffles and mushrooms.

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Set on a verdant ridge with views over an ever-changing landscape, Locanda del Gallo is half way between delightful...
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