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The fantastic festivals and fairs of the Marche region

For all those who want to break away from the hustle and bustle of the city and want to organize a weekend or even a multi-day holiday full of parties and fun events, there is nothing better than to visit the Marche region staying at the structure called “B&B 700“.

It is a very cozy hotel located in the Marche, precisely in the territory of Ascoli. From this facility you can visit several villages in the Marche region located in the surroundings, famous for the many village festivals or events that are organized right in their vicinity.

By staying at the structure “B & B 700” you will have the chance to attend the fantastic festivals and fairs of the Marche region.

Carnival of Ascoli

Carnival, festivals in Ascoli

The events held in the hamlets easily reachable from the fantastic structure of the B&B 700 are many. These are mainly festivals, fairs or special events, such as the one that takes place in Ascoli Piceno and is called “Carnevale”. This is the masked festival typical of the peninsula, although in Ascoli is held precisely during the period that elapses between the recurrence of St. Anthony Abbot and Lent. Also in Ascoli there is the so-called “Ascoliva Festival”, a festival dedicated to food, typical dishes, the tradition of Ascoli and its olive ascolane.

Typical festivals

Saffron of the Sibillini Mountains, Infiorata, Quintana.

In Venarotta there is a Spring Festival in honour of the fantastic saffron of the Sibillini Mountains, a product famous in the Marche region that provides an excellent aroma to risottos. This festival takes place during the period of March.

Quintana, photo by quintana

Also famous is the “Templaria Festival” which takes place in the city of Castignano and during the period of August. As the name suggests, this is an event dedicated to the history of the Templars. In the same period it is possible to take part in the “Liszt Festival” in Grottammare, dedicated to music and entertainment. The word “Quintana” instead indicates a festival that reproduces an ancient medieval carousel called precisely “Joust of the Quintana”. The six city districts participate: Piazzarola, Porta Maggiore, Porta Romana, Porta Solestà, Porta Tufilla, Sant’Emidi. The period of this event is mid-August. The so-called “Infiorata” takes place in Montefiore, an event in which the protagonists are the flowers. Precisely, artists create works of art with colorful flowers, and expose them in the squares.

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