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The opera, the wines and ancient games, in the festivals of Marche

During your stay in  Borgo della Spiga, situated in Cingoli, or even in Le Maraclà, located in Jesi, in Marche, you can take part to the opera, the wines and ancient games, in the festivals of Marche.


In July, in Cingoli, there’s the Folklore Festival which has been held for sixteen years. It’s a festival that recalls the ancient tradition of threshing and the following days, when the harvest was celebrated and the village gathered festively for lunches and dances. Today, the festival wants to remind the rural tradition of this land to young people, also with costume and musical instruments.

Macerata Opera Festival photo cronachemaceratesi


Between July and August, every year, at the Sferisterio of Macerata, there’s the Macerata Opera Festival. The Sferisterio is an arena built in the mid-nineteenth century and hosts the grand opera. For more than 50 years the Macerata Festival has hosted opera classics such as Aida, Turandot, Madama Butterfly.


In August, in Treia, in the district of Macerata, there’s the Challenge of the Bracelet. This festival includes several costume shows. The central part of the festival is dedicated to the game of the ball with the bracelet, which was loved during the Renaissance period. The players wear a special wooden bracelet with which they must hit a ball to reach the opponent’s field. With 3 players in each team, the Treia quarters challenge to win the Palio.

Challenge of the Bracelet photo cronachemaceratesi


In August, in Staffolo, in the district of Ancona, there’s the Festival of Verdicchio. This celebration dedicated to the white wine typical of Marche has reached the 50th anniversary. There are many tastings and laboratories, and many local products such as cheeses or salami to taste together with wines, and bicycle tours to explore the areas of production and live a day outdoors. For the sporty people, there’s also a barefoot crushing challenge, just like it was done in the past!


Between August and September in Ancona, there’s the Mediterranean Adriatic, a cultural festival that began in 1996 and became an international festival over the years. The festival explores several artistic areas, cinema, music, dance and literature. Great attention is given to the environment and to the territory with excursions and theme seminars. The festival is open to all cultures to find common points and values that can bring us closer to each other in a spirit of sharing and peace.


In September, in Cupramontana, in the district of Ancona, there’s the Grapes festival which has been organized for 80 years. There will be many tastings of local wines and grapes, parades, dances and music played by folk groups, allegorical carts, many food products with a market full of delicacies, photographic exhibitions and concerts. The best wines and the best wineries in the area will be awarded. The festival lasts for a week with the cheerfulness and conviviality that once were typical of the harvest, to finally end with fireworks.

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Borgo della Spiga is located in the province of the attractive town of Macerata, in the vicinity of Cingoli, a pict...
Borgo della Spiga is located in the province of the attractive town of Macerata, in the vicinity of Cingoli, a pict...
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