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Delicious flavours and delicacies to be enjoyed in Lombardy

For anyone who wants to plan a weekend or holiday of relaxation, sun, family atmosphere and excellent Lombard cuisine, there is nothing better than to reach B&B “Villa Evelina” in Stazzona.

It is a very cozy hotel located in Lombardy, precisely in the province of Como, near the famous Lake of the same name.

From this structure it is possible not only to plan fantastic excursions, but above all to taste delicious flavours and delicacies to be enjoyed in Lombardy.

The Lombard cuisine features many varieties given not only by the historical heritage, but also by the territorial variety, for a result that surprises all those who visit this beautiful region.

In general, it is a cuisine that shares some traditional courses consisting mainly of rice, stuffed pasta mainly in broth, polenta and fine meats.

Of course, there are some really tasty territorial varieties that you can’t miss.

Zincarlin, photo by gazzettadeisapori



The cuisine of Lombardy is very rich and is known throughout the Italian peninsula for its delicacies. Among these, while staying at Villa Evelina, you can taste the Semuda, the Zincarlin, the Lariano. The first course is a kind of low-fat or semi-fat cheese, of short, medium or long maturation, with a semi-hard body. In the past it was made with fully skimmed cow’s milk, but now it is skimmed in the evening milking. Its size varies and it can mature for a long time and be consumed even after 30 days. The second term, on the other hand, means a lean, fresh or short-aged dairy product with a soft paste. Zincarlin is made with ricotta cheese, matured and protected from the outside by ground black pepper. Bread is very famous in Lariano, and for this reason it is directly called the “Lariano”. In addition to these courses, however, we must also mention the typical Lombard salami called “Culatello” and also perch and whitefish. These two are two fish that are widely used in Apulian recipes.

Brasato di manzo with polenta, photo by lacucinaitaliana

Typical recipes

Risotto with perch and others

Among the typical Apulian recipes that can be tasted at Villa Evelina are risotto with perch, Agone in carpione, Brasato di manzo with polenta, Gnoc al cugia, Braschino and Miascia. While the first ones to be listed are first courses and second courses, the last two are cakes. The former is a very simple cake to prepare and its recipe has been handed down from family to family for years. It is often garnished with dried fruit. The second one is also called “Torta del Lago di Como” and is just as famous, but always very “poor” as a recipe.

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