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Tastes and flavours of the agri-food products of the Bergamo Valleys

In the province of Bergamo in Lombardy, you can discover tastes and flavours of the agri-food products of the Bergamo Valleys.

Scarola di Bergamo

When we talk about products of “dei colli” we mean food products that are exclusively grown outdoors on the hills of the city.

La scarola di Bergamo is not by chance included in this denomination since it is cultivated on the hills and in the fields around the walls of the Città Alta, especially in Borgo Canale.

However, being able to taste it is really a privilege since it is an endangered food, since its cultivation takes a very long time, which is still based on ancient techniques: it is basically the whitening of the inner leaves that consists in leaving these vegetables in the dark up to 12 days when the leaves begin to turn white.

The resulting flavour is truly unique: not only do they have a truly intense aroma, but they are also far less bitter.

Scarola di Bergamo, photo by bergamo-mercati

Moscato di Scanzo

The main wine of the province of Bergamo is undoubtedly the Moscato di Scanzo, an ancient autochthonous vine that astonishes for its aromas and fruity scents able to enhance the taste of various dishes: from appetizers to first courses, to meat dishes, up to the sweet.

Potato of Rovetta

A truly valuable product originating in the areas around Rovetta, in addition to the Corn “Rostrato Rosso” is the famous white potato of Rovetta, which in the past was one of the basic products of the nutrition of the local population. Although today its production is limited, you can enjoy all its flavor given by its particular texture, crisp and soft for an explosion of flavors.

Giant sheep of Bergamo

Continuing your visit to Bergamo, one of the dishes to try is based on giant sheep of Bergamo.

Although many mistakenly believe that sheep meat is difficult to digest, in reality it is a very delicate, light and sustainable product since the sheep only feed on herbs that grow spontaneously in the valleys. Moreover, its meat is extremely lean: the term “giant” refers in fact to their bone structure and not to their fatness.

Branzi FTB, photo by formaggiobitto

FPO Cheeses

When you pause in one of the typical restaurants of Bergamo, you can’t help but taste a meal containing the Principi delle Orobie (FPO) Cheeses.

This brand is intended to indicate 7 cheeses that represent a milestone in the dairy production of Bergamo.

The following cheeses belong to this denomination: Branzi FTB; Strachitunt DOP; orobic goat cheeses, such as Formagìn, slightly acidulous, Roviola, made from raw whole milk, or Matuscin cheeses; Formai de MutDop, which means mountain cheese, Storico Ribelle; Stracchino all’antica delle Valli Orobiche and Agrì di Valtorta, a round cheese with a raw paste.

Soft salami of Bergamo

A Bergamo si ha un’alta considerazione del salame di maiale tant’è che è stato istituito un concorso per proclamare il miglior salame bergamasco.

Del resto, il suo sapore è davvero unico: molto gustoso e sapido ma non pesante, bisogna solo far attenzione in quanto è talmente buono che una fetta tira l’altra.

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