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Culinary traditions and ancient flavors of Lombardy

In the district of Bergamo, you can taste culinary traditions and ancient flavors of Lombardy.

Torta Donizetti

Going to Bergamo, you have to taste the Donizetti cake at the Balzer pastry shop: dedicated to the famous composer, it is a soft donut enriched with candied apricots, pineapple, vanilla and maraschino.

Polenta Taragna

In Valbrembo, you can enjoy a tasty polenta taragna, which is served with local products such as meats, vegetables and even fish. This particular type of polenta requires the addition of fresh algea and butter.

Polenta Taragna, photo by

Casoncelli (Casonsèi dela bergamasca)

This type of stuffed fresh pasta, spread throughout Lombardy, has a filling made with dry bread, parmesan cheese, eggs, roasted beef, grapes, salami, amaretti and various spices and is seasoned with butter, sage, bacon and grated cheese.

Formaggi tipici

Your gastronomic tour of Bergamo continues through the tasting of unique cheeses such as: Strachitund Val Taleggio, Formai de mut of the upper Brembana Valley, Gorgonzola, Grana Padano, Bitto, Quartirolo Lombardo, Salva Cremasco, Formaggella della Val di Scalve, Stracchino del Stracchino Monte Bronzone and the Orobica Cake.

Vini Valcalepio

Bergamo also boasts a renowned wine tradition characterized by excellent products such as red and white Valcalepio DOC, symbolized by the effigy of Colleoni.


Visiting San Pellegrino Terme, you can taste good braised meat: it is a meat that is cooked for a long time in wine along with various spices, in particular their meat is braised in Barolo, a wine with low acidity, of which we know also a famous Valtellina clone with Inferno or Sassella.

Brasato braised in Barolo, photo by


In Valtellina you can taste the sciatt that in dialect means “toad”: they are round-shaped fritters with a filling of melted cheese served on a bed of chicory.

Salsa Peverada

This appetizing sauce, typical of the Lombardy mountain areas, is served as a side dish for boiled meat and consists of chopped anchovies, livers, juniper and garlic cooked in oil, lemon juice, butter and black pepper.

Torta Quarenghi

In Rota d’Imagna there’s a typical dessert called the Quarenghi cake. Born for the celebrations of the bicentenary of the death of architect Giacomo Quarenghi, it is a donut-shaped cake made of corn flour, filled with chocolate chips, pears and dried figs with a hint of vodka.

Lepre in crostata

This tasty dish, typical of Fuipiano Valle Imagna, is made of a hare cooked on a spit, repeatedly moisted with the cream. Once cooked, they add grated amaretti with salt and cook the meat until a golden crunchy crust is obtained.

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