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A journey among ancient villages and gems that Lombardy offers

For those who decide to take a holiday in the name of wild nature, unspoiled places and lakes of crystal clear water, there is nothing better than visiting Lombardy, especially Como and its surroundings, stopping at the beautiful structure called “Villa Evelina“.

It is a very welcoming hotel located in Lombardy, precisely in the province of Como, from which you can visit several villages in Puglia located in the vicinity, as well as the beautiful landscapes of this region..

By staying at the facility “Villa Evelina” located in Stazzona, you will have the chance to make a journey among ancient villages and gems that Lombardy offers.

Church of San Gottardo, photo by mapio

Dongo, Peglio, Livo: churches and museums

Dongo, Peglio and Livo are all small towns that can be visited starting from the B&B “Villa Evelina”. The first village is famous for the Palazzo Manzo, for the Museum of the end of the war and for the churches of Santa Maria in Martinico and San Gottardo. The first was built by the architect Gilardoni in 1824 and is still the symbol of art during the Napoleonic period. The Museum of the end of the war, on the other hand, shows to those who visit it, all the remains of the fascist period and the Resistance.

Art lovers, on the other hand, can visit the Chiesa di Santa Maria in Martinico if they want to enjoy fantastic frescoes from the 11th century. The church of San Gottardo dates back to the same period but it is famous above all for its connection with the feast of the homonymous Saint, which is held in May.

Peglio is another small Italian town located near Lake Como and one of its most famous places of worship is the Church of Saints Eusebio and Vittore, built between 1607 and 1613.

Church of Saints Eusebio and Vittore, photo by exploratoridelladomenica

Livo, on the other hand, another small village not far from Dongo and Peglio, is famous for the Church of San Giacomo vecchia, which was only restored in 2018.

Gravedona, Sorico, Colico: places of worship and ancient palaces

Gravedona is an Italian town located near Lake Como and famous for the Palazzo Gallio and the Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio. Anyone wishing to visit Sorico, located quite close to Gravedona, can not miss the Tempietto di San Fedelino and the Chiesa di San Miro. The first is also called “Oratorio di San Fedele” in honor of the saint, who suffered martyrdom in the area where today stands the place of worship. Colico, on the other hand, is famous for the Abbazia di Priona, very ancient and a symbol of the art of the place, and also for its parish church.

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