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From Venice to Palladian Villas of River Brenta


Among the many attractions of Venice, Piazza San Marco is undoubtedly the heart of the town, its beauty gave her the nickname of “lounge room of Europe”. Surrounded by majestic buildings such as the Basilica of San Marco, the Doge’s Palace, the old and new Procuratie with beautiful arcades and the clock tower.


Piazza San Marco Venica

The Bridge of Sighs is the most famous bridge in Venice, dates back to the seventeenth century and is built in Baroque style. Connects the Doge’s Palace to the New Prisons and its name indicates the last breaths of those sentenced to death as they crossed the bridge.


The main place of worship in Treviso is the Duomo, the Cathedral of St. Peter the Apostle. The first building has its origins in the twelfth century, and its particular structure has seven domes, while the entrance, designed in the nineteenth century is formed by a wide staircase and six imposing Ionic columns. It has many works of art, including some by Tiziano.

Piazza dei Signori is the center of the town, surrounded by beautiful buildings including the Palazzo del Trecento and Palazzo del Podestà.


Piazza dei Signori Treviso

The Loggia dei Cavalieri or Logia of conad dates back to 1194 and is built in Romanesque style. It was a meeting place for games and conversations reserved to the nobles of the time. In the loggia there are two layers of frescoes painted between the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

Among the many canals in Treviso, Channel Buranelli or Cagnan Middle, is the most important one, crossed by the bridge Buranelli, surrounded by sixteenth century palaces.


Chioggia is also called Little Venice because of its structure. The old town center is located at the edge of the lagoon and rests on a group of islands bordered by canals and crossed by bridges, and just as the serenissima, it is also affected by the phenomenon of high water.

The Duomo of Chioggia, the cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta, has a simple structure with exposed bricks and the Romanesque bell tower that is more than 60 meters high. It houses the statues of the patron saints, Saints Felice and Fortunato, and the beautiful major altar made of polychrome marble.

The fish market of Chioggia is one of the most important centers of the town, dates back to the 60s and its building is located in Cantieri Island, its two squares serve as berthing of vessels, and the central building is flanked by two other buildings with administrative offices.

La-Villa pisani (ilgiornaledellebuonenotizie)_opt

Villa Pisani photo ilgiornaledellebuonenotizie


The town of Stra is characterized by numerous Venetian villas located in its territory. The villas of the Brenta were built during the Republic of Venice as summer residences for noble families.

Villa Pisani, built in the eighteenth century, is one of the largest villas on the Brenta Riviera. Its 168 rooms are furnished mostly with furnitures of the Napoleonic era. Is surrounded by the beautiful park with the famous hedge maze and the panoramic terrace in the center.

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