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The beautiful historical commemorations of the Venetian Lagoon


In February in Venice, you’ll find the most famous carnival in the world. The Carnival of Venice attracts every year thousands of tourists and visitors. Masks and gowns are unique in the world and represent the Venetian aristocracy of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. But at the origins of this carnival, during the eleventh century, it was allowed to the humble to stay with the noble, hidden by masks that hid their belonging to any social class.


Carnival of Venice


In May in Venice, the Festa della Sensa celebrates the ancient Venice relationship with the sea. The regatta of sensa is practiced with the Venetian rowing, and as part of this spectacular event is also celebrated the marriage of the sea with the ring throwing in the waters of the lagoon.


In May in Venice, there’s the Vogalonga, a regatta of row boats, non-competitive, with the participation of amateurs and professionals from all over the world. Hundreds of boats invade the lagoon for a joyful and suggestive event.

vogalonga (vogalonga)_opt



In June in Noale, there’s the Palio of Noale, a reenactment of the Palio of 1347. During the three days of festivities that take us back in the Middle Ages, there are many events: the tug of war, dinner of the districts, shows in court, the ceremony of Bala d’Oro and the burning of the Tower.


In June in Chioggia, there’s the Palio della Marciliana, a reenactment related to the wars of the fourteenth century in Chioggia, which sees the districts of the town competing in the crossbow tournment. There are also the historical parade and many themed shows, medieval markets and demonstrations of arts and crafts.

Palio della Marciliana photo marciliana


In July in Chioggia there’s the Fish Festival. It has been a must for almost 80 years! The festival lasts a week and has numerous stands offering various fish recipes, such as frying, grilling, clams and mussels, sole, and many other specialties prepared with local fresh seafood.


In September, in Venice there is the Historical Regatta. There are four races that make up the race on the Grand Canal and are distinguished by the type of vessels, among the most important ones there’s the race of the gondolas. Before the race, there’s the historic parade with typical sixteenth century boats, carrying the actors in period costumes including the Doge, the nobles and the judiciary.


In December in Venice there’s the Christmas Market which turn the town into a magical place. Campo Santo Stefano is filled with stands with handicrafts, gifts and typical gastronomy of Christmas. The decorations and the lights welcome Venetians and tourists until the day of the vigil, in a dreamy atmosphere.

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