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Among flowers, music and medieval games: the festivals of Umbria


In May, in the beautiful town of Assisi there’s the Calendimaggio. It’s an event dedicated to the spring and the rebirth that is lost in time and has survived wars and clashes. To recall the historical events that affected Assisi in the second half of the fourteenth century, during the Calendimaggio, the town is divided in two fronts: Parte de sopra and Parte de sotto which reconstruct the environments, the customs and traditions of the Middle Ages to make them revive during three days of festivities.


In June in Bevagna ther’s the MARKET OF THE GAITE. It is a traditional market of medieval origin. The Gaita in the Middle Ages corresponded to a neighborhood and the town was divided into four gaites. The market today reconstructs that time bringing in life the ancient crafts and artisan shops, there’s also a challenge between the districts that have to compete to organize the best market, the tastiest recipe, the race of the ancient crafts and finally, they must excel at the shooting competition with the bow.

Market of Gaite, Bevagna photo ilmercatodellegaite


In June the town of Spello becomes colorful thanks to the INFIORATA. During the festival the streets are full of petals and flowers, used to create colorful and exciting scenes, many of them inspired by religion. The origin of this festival dates back to Corpus Christi when the streets were adorned with flowers and later people began to create ornamental carpets.


In July Perugia becomes a stage to host UMBRIA JAZZ. This musical event lasts ten days and includes hundreds of musical events in different locations of the town. It was dedicated to Jazz, today the festival hosts various genres like soul, pop, rock. The musicians come from all over Italy and the world to bring to the stage different styles of music and entertain an increasingly enthusiastic and large audience.

Umbria Jazz, Perugia photo viaggi.corriere


In August in Montefalco there’s the ESCAPE OF THE OX. The festival includes a Renaissance banquet organized by the oldest districts to recall the heyday of the town. The escape of the ox is one of the neighborhoods challenge that must drag the ox through the agreed path and prove their supremacy. Public participation is still noisy and passionate like centuries ago.


In November in Valtopina there’s the EXHIBITION OF TRUFFLE. The white truffle is the protagonist of this exhibition that will allow us to taste the best dishes made with truffles and many other typical products such as cheese, olive oil, wine and lots of desserts. There will also be workshops for children and the competition with truffle dogs.

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