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Medieval rides, blues and the magic of Christmas in Terni, Umbria

During your stay in the district of Terni, in Umbria, you can take part to medieval rides, blues and the magic of Christmas in Terni, Umbria.


Between April and May, in Narni, there’s the Race of the Ring. On the occasion of San Giovenale’s celebrations, they recreate the feast that was dedicated to the Saint in 1371. After the draw to match the riders with the terzieri, they participate in the race by trying to take three rings with a spear consecutively. The riders run in adversary pairs and the first one who puts the three rings in an elliptic path wins the race. The contestants are the three ancient districts of Narni: Mezule, Fraporta and Santa Maria. The Race of the Ring is preceded by a long procession in period costume.


During the first two weeks of July, in Spoleto, takes place the Festival dei due Mondi (Festival of the Two Worlds), also called Spoleto Festival. This year at the sixteenth edition, the festival exalts  art in all its forms. In fact we can attend concerts, opera, ballet, theater performances, and art exhibitions. The festival takes place in different locations in the city, including churches and cathedrals, auditoriums, galleries, squares, gardens, palaces and museums.


In August, in Stroncone, you can entertain yourself in Agosto Stronconese. Stroncone relives its tradition thanks to historical representations and commemorations. Among the most followed events of the festival, there is the Sfida alla Berretta, a challenge with the spear, which involves the old districts (Arco, Castello, Santa Lucia). They race to win the award, according to tradition begun in 1546. Agosto Stronconese also include a parade in 19th century dresses, commemorating the return in town of the remains of Blessed Antonio Vici. Also concerts, shows and games throughout the duration of the event.


In September, in Narni, join the Black Festival Blues. An international festival dedicated to blues, jazz, soul and the most representative artists of these genres. From young musicians as Earth wind and fire, to the greatest musicians of all time such as Gloria Gaynor and Dionne Warwick,  the Black Blues Festival of Narni gives her audiences unique emotions.


Throughout the Christmas holidays, in Acquasparta, you will be overwhelmed by the magic atmosphere of Christmas. The living crib is the most traditional and sacred way to live the true spirit of Christmas. We are in Umbria, the land of St. Francis, who conceived the representation of the nativity in 1223. Later in the years began the representations of the living crib that spread throughout Italy and then in the rest of the world. The Christmas crib of Acquasparta takes place among the alleys of the village, and besides the scene of the nativity, it wants to represent the ancient trades, the shoemakers shops, the blacksmiths, the bakers, the costumes and the family life scenes of this land. There are over 150 actors that take part in the show, along with so many animals. In the evening, with the dark, the crib is even more charming and magical.

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