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Truffle, wild game and lots of meat in Northern Umbria

During your stay in La Ghirlanda agritourism, and Le Cerque, in Gualdo Cattaneo, in Perugia district in Umbria, you can taste Truffle, wild game and lots of meat in Northern Umbria, all the typical dishes of this beautiful region.


The meat and especially the hunted meat have a leading role in many recipes in Umbria. Thanks to the richness of this lands, forests and fauna, the hunted meat was the protagonist of the recipes in Umbria for many centuries and can still be enjoyed as a specialty in many restaurants of the area! There are many recipes that handed down to us, with pheasant, wild boar, hare, duck, and other wild animals, that are cooked stew, or roasted, stuffed, spit or in the oven, for a rustic and traditional gastronomy that takes us back in time, and exalts the distinctive flavor of wild meat.


Cacciagione photo scattidigusto

Strangozzi al Tartufo

The truffle Strangozzi, also called Strozzapreti, is a main course that is well known all over the country, but it has its origins in this region. Strangozzi is simply fresh pasta made with flour and water, thinned into sheets and then cut into thin strips. The dough can be topped with tomato sauce, or other sauces, but since you’re in Umbria you should definitely try strangozzi with black truffle, which is typical of this area. After a fry of olive oil, the truffle is grated on fresh pasta to exalt the delicate flavor!

Piccione Arrosto

The roasted pigeon is an ancient recipe in Umbria, where the pigeon is often cooked “dead roast” or spit, but it is also excellent if stuffed and cooked in the oven. After cleaning the pigeon you have to prepare the filling with a fry of olive oil, garlic and rosemary and chopped pigeon livery. Everything is faded with white wine and then a rich dough prepared with bread soaked in milk, crumbled sausage, Parmesan, eggs, ground beef and nutmeg is added. Then a pinch of salt and pepper is added and  the dish is put it in the oven. You can taste a rustic and delicious dish after an hour!


Maialino in porchetta photo giallozafferano

Maialino in porchetta

The piglet in porchetta is famous all over the country, but has its origins in Umbria, more precisely in Perugia. According to the tradition it has to be a young wild mountain pig, which feeds only of acorns and that farmers used to slaughter for the celebrations. Today you can still enjoy a great piglet in porchetta. The pig is cleaned and stuffed with a filling made of meat and offal, flavored with garlic, fennel, salt and pepper. It is slowly cooked on a spit, preferably in a wood oven, for 3 to 4 hours until the rind is pretty crispy. Then it is tradition to collect the juice while the piglet is cooking, this tradition is called “intocco”, and use it to cook the legs, tail and ears of the pig that are flavored with aromas, oil, garlic, salt and pepper. A real treat!

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