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Commemorations and Festivals in the Sibillini Mountains

During your holiday in La Querceta Country House Hotel situated in Amandola, in Fermo district, on Sibillini Mountains in Marche, you can take part to the Commemorations and Festivals in the Sibillini Mountains,  that are organized every year in this beautiful region.


The FESTA DEL BOSCO is a festival that takes place every year in July in Montemonaco, in the National Park of Monti Sibillini. Porcini mushrooms are the stars of this event with an entire weekend dedicated to the dozens of traditional recipes variations to introduce these delicious mushrooms. Many other local products such as wine and cheese will surround to enrich the menu and the themed tastings.


In the village of Smerillo in July there is the PAROLE DELLA MONTAGNA, a festival in which the stories of this land are tied inextricably to the beauty of its territory. A path made also of silence and contemplation where the only thing talking is the breathtaking view of these ancient paths that allow us to find a physical and spiritual break from the hectic pace of the modern world.

Giostra dell'anello foto arezzoora

Giostra dell’anello foto arezzoora


In Ascoli Piceno in August there is the GIOSTRA DELLA QUINTANA, a wonderful event which involves the medieval knights in a spectacular tournament. The festival lasts for several days with many figures in medieval clothes, ladies, jugglers. Even flag throwers and archers will be busy in their respective tournaments and will compete for the win. Between a tournament and the other you can taste local products, wine and beer.


In August in Castrum Sarnani there’s the historical event RETURNING OF THE MIDDLE AGES. The medieval village of Castrum Sarnani, wants to bring the Middle Ages made of festivals, dances, music and entertainment, back to life with performances made by dancers and jugglers, stilt walkers, acrobats, fighting fencing, and of course lots of food. A special coin was minted for the occasion to replace the euro to make an even more charming and fun atmosphere. And if being a tourist is not enough, you can get a medieval dress and dive into the crowd to confuse between the people of the village!


Il medioevo che ritorna foto ChiaraCarrieri


In August in Castignano there’s the TEMPLARIA FESTIVAL, an event dedicated to the famous medieval Knights: the Templar. But the village of Castignano not only pays tribute to the ladies and knights, but also wants to revive the days with daily trades of artisans, peasants, taverners, and all the common people. Also there are many musical, theatrical and themed conferences to get to know this fascinating age.


In August in Servigliano you can take part to te GIOSTRA DELL’ANELLO. In this race five riders belonging to as many districts of Servigliano will compete to grab 12 rings of different sizes. The race takes place at Campo de li giochi, on a track that is over 800 meters long, with the inhabitants intent to cheer their champion! The giostral is exciting and engaging and even if you were not born in this village, you can pick your champion and his horse and cheer for them!

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