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The genuine flavours of Ciociaria

Tagliolini e cannellini di Atina 

To taste delicious Tagliolini e cannellini of Atina, you have to prepare the tagliolini with water and flour, knead and cut them into strips. Then the sauce is prepared separately with white beans of Atina put to cook with celery, carrot and onion in a large pot. A fry in olive oil with lard, garlic and chili pepper, is prepared separately and then the beans are combined. The homemade tagliolini are cooked for just 5 minutes and then are mixed with the rest of the sauce, which should be thick and creamy. They have to be eaten hot and freshly flavored!

Arrosticini di Pecora

The Sheep Arrosticini are an excellent second dish made of sheep meat, very tasty and easy to prepare. The sheep meat is cut into cubes and put in the skewers. The sauce is prepared separately with oil, vinegar and salt. The skewers are put on the grill that has to be hot, they are browned on all  the sides and then are moistened with the sauce and left cooking for a few minutes. They are served hot, are really good, and are the protagonists of many events and festivals in Lazio.

Arrosticini di Pecora

Arrosticini di Pecora


The Lamb roll is a recipe that has many variations throughout Italy, the Abticchie are prepared in Lazio with lamb entrails: liver, heart, lungs and meat cut into small pieces, tied together by guts, flavored with various spices such as garlic, chili pepper, parsley, thyme, pepper, salt and cooked slowly in hot water and oil. It’s a very old and traditional recipe, and like all those recipes that include the entrails it testifies a poor origin that made people use all the parts of the animal. Today this recipe can’t be found everywhere and can be tasted in local restaurants that continue the tradition.


The Pastone is a rustic pizza, and for this reason has many variations in the filling. In Lazio there’s the Typical Rustic Ciociara Piazza with turnip greens. The pizza base is very simple and is made with flour and water, for the topping turnip greens are browned in a pan with olive oil, garlic and chilli. Then  a sheet of dough is laid and a layer of vegetable is added, then there’s a second layer of dough brushed with egg yolk. It is baked and eaten either hot or cold.

Pasta fresca con orapi

The orapi are tasty wild spinach that grow in abundance in many areas of Lazio. Fresh pasta with orapi is a traditional recipe that includes the preparation of orapi that are boiled in salted water and then mixed in a pan with fried garlic and chili. Fresh pasta, such as fettuccine or tagliolini, will be even tastier if boiled in the same cooking water of orapi before being drained and seasoned. A sprinkling of cheese and the dish is ready to be served!

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