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Jazz, Stories and Shepards Festivals in Ciociaria Region


At the beginning of June in Picinisco, there’s the FESTIVAL DEGLI ORAPI E DELLA MONTAGNA, it is an excellent opportunity to rediscover nature with hiking trails in the mountains, organized for adults and children, with experienced guides who will explain the characteristics of typical herbs of the area, and teach how to recognize and appreciate them. The orapi, for example, are wild spinach growing in these areas and are the protagonists of many recipes. Many of the trips end with grills and outdoor picnics, tasting of local products, lots of music and entertainment.


At the end of July, in Atina there’s the JAZZ FESTIVAL, a music festival that is now at the thirtieth edition and has great success. The town organizes various events with artists from Italy and the world, who perform to create a charming and intense atmosphere for those who love jazz and for all those who love music and want to take this opportunity to get closer to this appreciated genre.


In August in Picinisco there’s the PASTORIZIA IN FESTIVAL, a festival that wants to exalt “the fruits of the pasture” of this wonderful land. The protagonist is the pecorino DOP from Picinisco along with many other high quality local products. The Festival also wants to let people understand all the work behind the production stages of pastoralism, from tradition to modern times, and with the “Little shepherds work” initiative it wants to teach children the characteristics of this millenary work that is still the basis of many local economies.




In August in the Val di Comino there’s the FESTIVAL OF STORIES. Even if it was created less than 10 years ago, this festival has had an immediate success thanks to its routes between the most beautiful places in the Val di Comino. In the villages of the area there are conferences, meetings, lectures, workshops, there’s a common theme which is different every year, and in which some writers and authors from all over Italy take part, for an unbreakable bond between literary culture and tradition of the territory.


At the end of September in Picinisco there’s the SOAVITÀ D’AUTUNNO which is a festival entirely dedicated to mushrooms. Of course, the tastings of dishes made with mushrooms are the main attraction, but if you want to really appreciate this tasty food you have to start from the collection, with a full day of hiking through the woods to look for mushrooms with expert guides who will teach you how to recognize them, choose the eatable ones, the best periods and places for the best mushrooms, and many other curiosities and information related to this exceptional product of the earth, which is even tastier when it is spontaneous and wild!


Always in Picinisco in October, there’s the D.H. LAWRENCE PRIZE, a literary competition dedicated to the English writer, who with his travel stories described many countries all over the world, including Italy with “Twilight in Italy”. Lawrence’s House in Picinisco is the evidence of his passage in our country, and this literary award is an excellent opportunity for many young writers.

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