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The fresh pasta dishes, meat and ricotta cheese in the recipes of Sabina

During your stay in Chiusa della Vasca, situated in Castelnuovo di Farfa, in Rieti district, in Lazio,  you can taste the fresh pasta dishes, meat and ricotta cheese in the recipes of Sabina.

Stringozzi e strozzapreti

The stringozzi or strangozzi are a pasta used in the center of Italy especially in Lazio. It is made of flour and water and is a pasta of poor peasant origin. It is made with a thin sheet that is cut into strips similar to the tagliolini. Usually is seasoned with meat sauce.

Also Strozzapreti are common in many regions such as Lazio, Marche and Umbria and their characteristic name is linked to the proverbial greed of the priests who used to choke when they ate quickly. They are realized with a simple sheet of dough of flour and water, as big twisted fusilli. Also the Strozzapreti are seasoned with meat sauce or with tomato sauce. A typical recipe of Lazio is the strozzapreti with the ficoccetti. The ficoccetti are newly formed figs, small and unripe. They are fried with garlic and left cooking until they are soft. Besides being used for pasta they are also excellent with bread.

coda alla vaccinara (leathamschefsblog.wordpress)_opt

Cow’s tail photo leathamschefsblog.wordpress


The traditional cuisine of Lazio includes many meat dishes, the most famous are cow’s tail and roast lamb. However there are also recipes with wild game, with roast wild boar or pheasant, the deer stew or rabbit. The flavors are strong and determined, typical of a rustic and homemade cuisine. The wild game is also used to prepare excellent meat sauce for pasta, for example, the excellent pappardelle with hare sauce.

Gnocchi al sugo di pecora

Gnocchi with sheep sauce are another example of the use of meat in the cuisine of Lazio. For the gnocchi you can use the simple ones made from water and flour, or potato gnocchi. The sauce is prepared separately with sheep meat cut in pieces, first browned and then left to simmer for a long time in tomato sauce with carrots and onions, until you get a thick and tasty sauce. then the sheep meat is used to prepare meatballs, or served as a second dish if the meat is tender. The same recipe is made with mutton and is used also in Abruzzo. Gnocchi with sheep sauce are the protagonists of many festivals.

gnocchi sugo pecora 2 (ricettadicucina)_opt

Gnocchi with sheep sauce photo ricettadicucina

Ravioli ricotta e menta

The ravioli are a fresh stuffed pasta, typical of the holidays menu. The ravioli are prepared with a dough of flour, water and eggs, can be round or square. The filling is made with fresh ricotta and chopped mint leaves. A great way to taste the DOP Roman ricotta cheese with a unique taste, obtained from sheep’s milk.

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