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From the amatriciana to the tripe, the historical dishes of Lazio

Pasta all’amatriciana

From the small village of Amatrice in the district of Rieti, it is one of the main dishes of Lazio. The original recipe involves the use of spaghetti, but bucatini or rigatoni are also allowed. The sauce is unmistakable, prepared with cheeck lard, pecorino, Marzano tomato sauce, olive oil, white wine, a pinch of chili pepper. The chopped cheek lard is left to simmer in the pan with the chili pepper, then it is removed from the frying pan where the sauce is prepared, and only at the end of the cooking the cheek lard is inserted again. Once seasoned, the pasta is sprinkled with Amatrice’s pecorino.

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Pasta alla Gricia

This dish was also born in Amatrice many years before the amatriciana sauce, when the tomato still didn’t spread in Europe. In fact the ingredients are very similar, so that the Gricia is also called white amatriciana. It was a poor dish prepared by shepherds on long grazing days. It is prepared with cheek lard, pecorino, black pepper and lard. Even in this case it is better with spaghetti or bucatini.

Pasta alla carbonara

The carbonara is a typical dish of Rome. Its origin is not clear, it is certain that the recipe began to spread only after the war. Among the many hypotheses, it is thought that the recipe is a re-elaboration of cacio and egg pasta, used by the carbonari of Lazio and Abruzzo. The main ingredients are the cheek lard, the eggs, the pecorino and the olive oil. Preparing a good carbonara dish requires dexterity, especially when mixing pasta and eggs whipped with pecorino cheese, to cook the eggs by forming a smooth sauce, without lumps and perfectly amalgamated. The dish is sprinkled with black pepper and pecorino cheese.

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Coda alla vaccinara

The Cow’s tail was born in Rome. It is a poor dish because they used the cow’s tail, after the most valuable parts had been sold. The meat is cut into pieces and fried with the lard, then the onion is added and everything is blended with white wine. Finally the tomatoes are added. A perfect cow’s tail may take up to three hours to cook.

In some versions they prepare a sauce with a bit of cooking sauce, bacon celery, raisins, pine nuts and bitter cocoa. With the cooking sauce they prepare the rigatoni alla vaccinara.

Trippa alla romana

Also the tripe originates as a poor dish because it is part of the remaining offal after selling the best cuts of meat. For this recipe, they prepare a sauce of onion, celery and carrot, then add the chopped cheek lard and the tripe. In the last minutes of cooking, add some mint leaves and finally sprinkle with the Roman pecorino.

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