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Homemade gnocchi and traditional sweets in Viterbo Area

During your stay at Tenuta di Santa Lucia, situated in Soriano nel Cimino, in Viterbo district, in Lazio, you can taste homemade gnocchi and traditional sweets in Viterbo Area.

Gnocchi “fatti ch’i ferro”

Gnocchi “fatti ch’i ferro”, gnocchi made with iron, owe their name to a knitting needle used to shape the gnocchi. The dough is prepared in a simple way with only flour, water and salt. Then you get the small pieces of dough that are turned over on the iron with great skill to get the gnocchi. The gnocchi in Viterbo district are ate in many ways and one of the most beloved includes meat sauce and porcini mushrooms. But the gnocchi are also made of potatoes, especially with the potato of Viterbo, and the sauce is white with butter and sage. These gnocchi have a dedicated festival of San Lorenzo. Another way to cook the gnocchi is to prepare a delicious sauce made of chopped walnuts and ricotta, pasta is flavored and sprinkled with other chopped nuts.

tozzetti (giallozafferano)_opt

Tozzetti photo giallozafferano

Dolci sorianesi, tozzetti

The tozzetti are desserts of Soriano nel Cimino, but spread throughout Viterbo. The ingredients and preparation have slight variations depending on the village. The recipe of Soriano needs: flour, lard, milk, eggs, sugar, hazelnuts, butter, alchermes and rum, or other liqueurs. They create rolls of pasta that have to be cooked in the oven, and once they are cold they cut them into coarse and transverse slices called tozzetti. The appearance is similar to the Tuscan cantucci, which have almonds instead of hazelnuts. The tozzetti are crunchy and rustic desserts and come from an ancient tradition, are typically prepared for Christmas, and you can taste them with the holy wine. But they are substantially dried biscuits and you can enjoy them for a delicious breakfast with milk or as a snack with tea or hot chocolate. To prepare them you only need Hazel of Monti Cimini, which is characterized by delicate aroma and is a typical local specialty. The hazelnut has been used in Viterbo cuisine since Roman times.


The sutrine are desserts similar to crepes in their appearance. The recipe needs flour, water and salt to form a very simple and delicate batter. A newer version includes the addition of egg or milk in the mixture. The batter is baked in the pan in both the sides, it is thin and delicate and served hot, rolled and sprinkled with pecorino cheese that gives it a distinctive taste. However in its sweet version you can fill it with jam, sprinkle with powdered sugar and enjoy it for breakfast. Today the filling of sutrine can be done with chocolate, creams and other delicious ingredients, but it’s worth trying the basic recipe with pecorino cheese to taste their unique flavor.

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