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Fresh pasta and abbacchio in northern Lazio

During your stay at La Torretta B&B, located in Casperia, province of Rieti, in Lazio, you’ll get to taste Fresh pasta and abbacchio in northern Lazio, and the traditional dishes of this wonderful region.

Abbacchio alla cacciatora

The abbacchio is a milk lamb and it’s an essential dish of the traditional cuisine of the Lazio region. The Abbacchio alla cacciatora was prepared for Easter and Christmas, and today you can taste it cooked according to the old recipe. The lamb is browned in oil and garlic, flavoured with sage, rosemary and a pinch of pepper, adding vinegar and water and some flour that will create a small sauce. The young age of the lamb ensure a soft and light meat, with small fat and a delicate taste.


Abbacchio alla cacciatora foto SalePepe

Sagne alla Molenara

The Sagne alla Molenara are a recipe of humble birth originally prepared by the molenary, the millers. They used to prepare pasta with only water and flour and, having no time nor place, they didn’t use a rolling pin as it’s normally done, but they pinched the pasta and they pulled it to get long sagne to throw in boiling water. This process is still used in Lazio, where you can taste the traditional sagne with tomato, garlic, oil, marjoram, thyme and chilli. This dish shows the long tradition of many watermills situated in this region rich in water sources and watercourses.

Fregnacce alla Sabinese

Fregnacce alla Sabinese foto ristorantecintia

Fregnacce alla Sabinese

The Fregnacce are a type of pasta grossly sliced. It’s a poor dish as the name suggests, since the world “fregnacce” identifies things with low value. However, this old recipe is still proudly getting used in this area of Lazio, where you can taste the Fregnacce alla sabinese seasoned with a rich and tasty sauce prepared with garlic, olive oil, mushrooms, black olives and tomato paste. The pasta is then sprinkled with plenty of minced parsley.


The Jacculi are a typical dish of the province of Rieti where they’re also called maccheroni a fez. It’s a long fresh pasta, like crass spaghetti. The tradition requires a simple re-milled durum wheat bran along with water and some olive oil. Today some variants adds egg to the dough. The Jacculi are seasoned simply with extra virgin olive oil, preferably the olive oil DOP of Sabina, garlic and chilli. However, they are great with every meat sauce because of the rough texture of the pasta that holds perfectly the sauce. Moreover, you can taste some nice Jacculi with Pesto alla Sabinese, prepared with olive oil DOP of Sabina, garlic, dried marjoram and dried chilli. Pour the pesto on the Jacculi along with some grated pecorino romano and you’ll be able to taste a perfect traditional first course!

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