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The delicious dishes of the Noto Valley

During your stay at the hotel Casa Talìa, and Stacci, situated in Modica in Ragusa district  in Sicily, you will taste the delicious dishes of the Noto Valley.

Ravioli di Ricotta e Maggiorana con Sugo di Maiale

The ravioli with ricotta and marjoram with pork sauce is an excellent first course typical of Ragusa. The ravioli are made with egg pasta and the filling is made with cheese, eggs and marjoram. The filling can also be done with sugar for a sweet version and a very particular taste. To make the pork sauce they use stew and pork sausages together. The meat is lightly stewed with olive oil, onion, carrot and celery and nuanced with wine. The tomato sauce is then added to continue cooking for about 30 minutes. A richer variation of this recipe uses, along with the ravioli, the cavatelli, other fresh typical pasta of the area.

Ravioli with ricotta and marjoram with pork sauce

Scacce e Arancini

The scaccia is a simple salty cake made with water, flour and olive oil. The filling can be varied, from the easy and traditional tomato sauce  to the richest ingredients like sausage, ricotta, or eggplant. Arancini are one of the most famous Sicilian dishes, are similar to big rice balls  and traditionally seasoned with meat sauce or with ham. Arancini are fried and have to be eaten hot!

Salsiccia e Sinapu

To prepare Sausage e Sinapu you need a good sausage that has to be cooked in a pan, preferably sausage with fennel seeds. Once ready it is served on a rich base of sinapu, which is wild mustard. Mustard is a spontaneous herb which grows in winter and has a bitter flavor and is prepared boiled in water and then seasoned with olive oil, garlic and chilli. Sausage and sinapu should be served piping hot!

Cavatelli alla Norma photo giallozafferano

Cavatelli alla norma e ricotta

Pasta alla Norma originates from Catania, and is named after the famous opera. This name was given by a famous playwright  who once tasted the pasta compared it to   Norma for how good it was! For cavatelli alla Norma they use aubergine which is cut into pieces and fried, and then combined with tomato sauce. Once the cavatelli are seasoned with the sauce, the dish is topped with grated ricotta. A true treat!

Tunnina con cipolla “atturrata”

The tunnina with atturrata onion  is a great second course of fish, rigorously prepared with fresh local tuna! The tunnina indicates a female tuna, which is also the most delicious. Tuna slices are fried in oil, while the onion is “atturrata” that means cooked in a pan and seasoned with vinegar and sugar to get a bittersweet taste. The fried tuna is then served and covered with  onion. The combination of flavours is delicious, even better if you let the dish rest for a while and serve warm. Enjoy your meal!

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