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Typical products of the culinary tradition of Palermo

Staying at the B&B Atmosfere Puniche, situated in Palermo, you will have the opportunity to taste typical products of the culinary tradition of Palermo.

Cassata – Buccellato

The Sicilian cassata is very famous all over the world, its name comes from the Latin “caseum” or cheese or from the Arabic “quas’ at” which means bowl. It is a cake made with sweetened ricotta cheese, with a base of sponge cake, royal dough and candied fruit. Buccellato is a typical Christmas sweet, it is also called “cuciddatu” and it is a short pastry wrapper filled with sun-dried figs.

Cannolo e Gelo di Mellone

Cannolo is the symbol of Sicilian tradition, known throughout the world. It consists of a crumbly wafer that is filled with sweetened ricotta cheese, and enriched with candied fruit or chocolate drops as a decoration. The Gelo di Mellone, instead indicates the watermelon, is a typical Sicilian dessert of Arab origin and is consumed in summer thanks to its freshness and on the occasion of the feast of Santa Rosalia.

Cannoli of Sicily

Sfinci di San Giuseppe

The Sfinci di San Giuseppe are typical Palermo pancakes covered with cream of ricotta cheese, chocolate drops and candied fruit that you can’t miss.

Pasta reale or martorana

Pasta reale, or martorana, is the so-called almond paste that is the basis for many typical sweets of Sicilian cuisine. It takes its name “Martorana” from the piatta of the Benedictine nuns of the convent of Martorana in Palermo. It is used to create decorations that take the form of fruit, typical of Sicilian pastries.

Panelle & crocchè

Continuing on your Sicilian culinary tour, you can not help but taste the panelle. This is a typical dish of the Sicilian culinary tradition: the dough is made with chickpea flour, which is then fried and eaten hot with bread. The Palermitane crocchè, made with potatoes, salt, pepper and minced mint, are also absolutely worth trying. The dough is immersed in boiling oil and served hot.


The Arancine are absolutely one of the typical dishes of the Sicilian rotisserie made with round shapes composed of rice in the eye and in the crumb. The dough is then shaped to create the typical “pyramid” shape to fill it with the meat sauce, egg and cheese.

Arancine, photo by chowhound


Caponata is another typical dish of the Sicilian culinary tradition and is made with fried aubergines seasoned with tomato sauce, celery, capers, onions and olives in sweet and sour sauce..


Sfinciuni in Sicilian, is a focaccia that contains the typical products of Sicily characteristic of street food cuisine: tomato sauce and caciocavallo.

Bread with spleen

Also known as “Pane ca Meusa” in Sicilian, it is a sandwich with spleen, one of the most famous dishes of the culinary tradition of the city of Palermo.

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