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A journey through typical Sicilian traditions

Art, cuisine and tradition are characteristics that have always distinguished Sicily. To be able to taste the culinary specialties of Sicily, in this case of the eastern area, you need to spend a few days staying in a hotel that is not far from the various locations.

Extra virgin olive oil bio of the Monti Iblei

The extra virgin olive oil of the Monti Iblei is a typical product of the Monti Iblei area, divided between the provinces of Syracuse, Ragusa and Catania. It boasts international recognition for its fresh aroma and fruity taste with notes of tomato, fresh grass and other vegetables and a spicy aftertaste.

Caciotta Caprina

Among the typical Sicilian products you can find the caciotta caprina (goat’s cheese) or hard cheese, obtained from the processing of goat’s cheese. Its characteristic “cylinder” shape has a diameter of 7 cm for a height of 5 cm and a weight of 2 kg.

Caciotta caprina, photo by lemporiodiserena

Provola Iblea

Among the most famous typical products of the Sicilian table there is the provola iblea, a historic cheese typical of the province of Ragusa. It is produced with whole cow’s milk and has a sweet and delicate taste, along with a fresh scent of grass and spontaneous essences of pastureland.

Caciocavallo DOP

Caciocavallo DOP is another typical product of Sicilian excellence, dating back to at least the fourteenth century when it was marketed outside the kingdom of the Two Sicilies. It is a semi-hard cheese with a spun paste, produced with milk from cows of Modica.

Cavati al sugo

Among the typical dishes of the culinary tradition of Ragusa there are the cavati al sugo, which have the particularity of not being made with the egg. For the sauce is used, generally, pork meat.

Ravioli Ricotta, photo by ilclubdellericette

Ricotta ravioli

Also ravioli with ricotta follow the ancient Sicilian recipe, which requires the absence of eggs for the preparation of fresh pasta. The ricotta used for the filling can be, according to preference, either sweet for a greater impact, or salty.

Almond nougat

Among the ancient recipes of the Iblea region there are almond nougat, a typical dish of the Ragusa area, made with almonds, sugar and orange peel aroma for a blaze of scents and flavors.

Scacce ragusane

The scacce ragusane are a typical product of the Iblean region: they are focaccia whose classic filling is made with onion, tomato puree, the Caciocavallo Dop even better if seasoned. Other very good fillings are made with ricotta and sausage, onion and parsley, fried eggplant and tomato.

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