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Pasta con le sarde, arancina and cucchiteddi among the traditional treats of Sciacca

In Sciacca, province of Agrigento, you can taste pasta con le sarde, arancina and cucchiteddi among the traditional treats of Sciacca.

Pasta con Le Sarde

Even if it is a course that you can taste in all the Sicilian cities, Sciacca’s pasta con le sarde presents a tasty variant.

Try this pasta and enjoy wild fennel, anchovies, onion, raisins, pine nuts, breadcrumbs, tomatoes and freshly caught sardines for an explosion of flavors on the palate.

Pasta con le sarde, photo by lacucinaitaliana


Visiting Sciacca without tasting the delicious arancine is really a shame. Also because they are suitable for all tastes: from the traditional variants to the modern ones with the addition of salmon or spinach without forgetting the parmesan one, filled with aubergines.


Another typical food to try in Sciacca is panelle: they are pancakes made of chickpea flour clearly derived from the Middle East, considered a classic street food. Served alongside the sandwich with the spleen, you will find that it is one of the best things you have ever tasted. Also to be tasted untreated, seasoned with salt and lemon.

Salted Snapper

Sciacca is above all a seaside town, that’s why you can also try delicious fish dishes such as the salted snapper, which is covered with a thick layer of double salt and baked in the oven, obtaining a soft and tender meat.

Pasta with sea urchins

A very tasty course is pasta with sea urchins. These tasty rock fish are distinguished by a strong and decisive flavor ideal to create a unique sauce for pasta and that will captivate even the most demanding palates.

Pasta with sea urchins, photo by thelulurecipes


Sciacca is also a land full of delicious desserts such as cucchiteddi, pastries covered with icing, made of almond paste and stuffed with zuccata, a jam made with zucchini of Arab origin and much loved in the city.

The name of this ancient cake reminds us of the shape of a spoon from which the term cucchiteddi derives.

Tabisca saccense

Another characteristic dish of Sciacca is the tabisca saccense, a type of pizza that refers to the peasant tradition that distinguishes its size: it is about 60 cm long.

This pizza is usually seasoned with pecorino cheese, onion, black olives and anchovies and served in slices on wooden boards..

Ova Murina

A particular and very appreciated dessert is the Ova Murina. They have a tapered shape like a cylinder, made with a soft dough that is filled with cream and pieces of almonds and chocolate.

It is not by chance that Ova Murina are also called the summer cannolo, since with the advent of the summer season, ricotta is no longer produced and is replaced with cream.

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